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Re: Exelsum Argentina

On Mon, 18 Jul 2005, Lorena Rodriguez wrote:

> Pertenezco a Exelsum, una empresa de tecnología que provee soluciones y
> servicios 
> profesionales tecnológicos.
> Tenemos 2 de nuestros clientes con la necesidad de adquirir
> licencias para migrar sus sistemas operativos de escritorio, del
> Windows actual, a uno sistema operativo libre, pero con soporte y
> mantenimiento.

Hi. Please note that this is an english-speaking list.

I'm not a lawyer, but free software licenses are mainly redistribution
licenses. Free software as such is free to use by anybody without the
need to "buy" anything. If you want to sell a support service, you
can sell it by whatever amount of money you like.

So I'm afraid I don't understand your question (or maybe you don't
understand how free software works).

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