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Re: consultant entries that will be removed unless they "pong"

Hello Luk,

* Luk Claes <luk.claes@ugent.be> [2005-07-15 17:14]:
> Nico Golde wrote:
> Please don't remove any role address or mailing list in your replies,
> especially when you ask questions to receivers of the role address!

Oh sorry, I just used list-reply.


> > How do we handle consultants who don't say anything about
> > debian and their services related to debian on their
> > website? Is this legal?
> The policy is on purpose not very clear about this as their was no
> consensus to include it in the policy. Though, we do not include random
> websites in the entries of course!

Yes thats what I thought should be prevented. In my opinion
every website on the consultants page should clearly point
to debian. For example: http://www.federa.de/ doesn't name
debian in no form. It is listed on the consultants page.

I contacted the author of the page and he will improve his
page so this will be clear. But how can we prevent this in
Regards Nico
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