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consultant entries that will be removed unless they "pong"


According to the policy for the consultants page [1], the consultant
must answer e-mails within four weeks. All the not recently
updated/added consultants have been pinged, and we are still waiting for
an answer from the 245 consultants in the attached list.

They will receive a last chance e-mail in the next few days, and will be
removed one week after this mail if they don't answer.

[1] http://www.nl.debian.org/consultants/#policy


Thomas Huriaux

<name    Flavio Villanustre>
<address Buenos Aires, <ARc>>
<phone   +54-1-342-7544>
<fax     +54-1-342-3376>
<email   flavio@linux.inea.com.ar>

<name    Baltazar Quinterno>
<address Buenos Aires, <ARc>>
<phone   +54-11-4808-3400>
<fax     +54-11-4801-8012>
<email   debian@interar.com.ar>

<name    Javier Smaldone>
<address Rio Cuarto, Cordoba, <ARc>>
<phone   (0358) 4621062>
<email   jsmaldone@yahoo.com>
<URL     "http://www.smaldone.com.ar/";>

<name	 Martin Gaido>
<company eMultiSoft>
<address Dr. Alem 189, 2700 Pergamino, Bs.As, <ARc>>
<phone	 +54-02477-15533477>
<fax	 +54-02477-435350>
<email	 martin_gaido@fastmail.fm>
<URL	 "http://www.emultisoft.com/";>


<name    Matthew Davidson>
<company Alma Technology>
<address PO Box 214, Toormina NSW 2452, <AUc> (Servicing Coffs harbour area)>
<phone   +61-2-6658-1607>
<email   info@almatech.net.au>
<URL     "http://www.almatech.net.au/";>

<name    Warren Hinscliff>
<company Champion IT>
<address Geraldton, <AUc>>
<phone   +61-8-9965-2272>
<fax     +61-8-9965-2272>
<email   sales@championit.com.au>
<URL     "www.championit.com.au">

<name    Craig Sanders>
<address Melbourne, <AUc>>
<phone   +61-3-9354-9134>
<email   cas@taz.net.au>

<name    Matt Carter>
<company Managed Solutions>
<address Brisbane, <AUc>>
<email   matt@mansol.net.au>

<company Golden Apple Consulting>
<address Sydney, <AUc>>
<address Perth, <AUc>>
<phone   +61-8-9480-5195>
<fax     +61-4-1427-9783>
<email   gac@rcpt.to>

<name    Dave Blears>
<company Closer To Home Systems>
<address Caboolture, Queensland, <AUc>>
<phone   +61-7-54993000>
<fax     +61-7-54991822>
<email   info@cth.com.au>
<URL     "http://www.cth.com.au/";>

<name    Michael Gratton>
<address Adelaide, <AUc>>
<email   mike@vee.net>

<name    Aldo Cortesi>
<company Nullcube Pty Ltd>
<address Sydney, <AUc>>
<phone   +61-419-492 863>
<email   aldo@nullcube.com>
<URL     "http://www.nullcube.com";>

<name	 Kevin Littlejohn>
<company Obsidian Consulting Group>
<address Suite 95, 85 Grattan St Carlton, Victoria 3053, <AUc>>
<phone	 +61-3-9355-7844>
<fax	 +61-3-9350-4097>
<email	 contact@obsidian.com.au>
<URL	 "http://www.obsidian.com.au/";>

<name	 Jonathon Coombes>
<company Cybersite Consulting Pty Ltd>
<address Newcastle, <AUc>>
<phone	 +61-2-4965-6989>
<email	 info@cybersite.com.au>
<URL	 "http://www.cybersite.com.au/";>

<name	 Paul Shirren>
<address Berri, Australia>
<phone	 +61883653822>
<email	 info@shirro.com>
<URL	 "http://shirro.com/";>


<company at-net>
<address Vienna, <ATc>>
<phone   +43-1-605-52-87>
<fax     +43-1-605-52-88>
<email   office@atnet.at>
<URL     "http://www.atnet.at/";>


<company SaM-Solutions>
<address Platonova 39, Minsk, <BYc>, BY-220071>
<phone	 +375-17-2398081>
<fax	 +375-17-2313976>
<email	 contact@sam-solutions.net>
<URL	 "http://www.sam-solutions.net/";>

<name    Alexander Kulak>
<address Minsk, <BYc>>
<phone	 +375 29 7521172>
<fax	 +375 17 2488812>
<email	 lcons@rainbow.by>


<company NEOlabs BVBA>
<address Leuven, <BEc>>
<phone   +32-16-23-63-42>
<fax     +32-16-65-04-97>
<email   info@neolabs.be>
<URL     "http://www.neolabs.be/";>

<name    Tom Schouteden>
<company Linugen>
<address Antwerp, <BEc>>
<phone   +32 3 685 39 81>
<fax     +32 3 293 33 43>
<email   hello@linugen.com>
<URL     "http://www.linugen.com";>

<company Pingus BVBA>
<address Oudenaardsesteenweg 368, 9420 Erpe-Mere, <BEc>>
<phone   +32 53 41 05 55>
<email   info@pingus.be>
<URL     "http://www.pingus.be/";>

<name	 Paul Libert>
<address Boulevard Winston Churchill, 18 - B-7000 Mons - <BEc>>
<phone	 +32-499-424536>
<email	 paul.libert@easynet.be>


<name    M&aacute;rcio H. Parreiras>
<address Pedro Leopoldo (Grande BH), MG, <BRc>>
<phone   +55-31-9658-2865>
<phone   +55-31-3660-4742>
<email   Debian@Army.com>

<name    F&aacute;bio Gomes de Souza>
<company GS2 Tecnologia da Informa&ccedil;&atilde;o Ltda>
<address Rua Padre Ant&ocirc;nio Henrique, 235, Olinda, PE, <BRc>>
<phone   +55-81-3492-7777>
<email   contato@gs2.com.br>
<URL     "http://www.gs2.com.br/";>

<name    Andrade Filho, Walter de>
<address S&atilde;o Paulo, <BRc>>
<phone   +55-11-870-3444>
<email   sysop@dks.com.br>
<URL     "http://www.net-routers.com.br/";>

<name    Ricardson Williams>
<company RWM Consultoria e Treinamento>
<address R. Prece, 77, SP, <BRc>>
<phone   +55-11-6121-5003>
<email   ricardson.williams@rwmnet.com.br>
<URL     "http://www.rwmnet.com.br/";>

<name	 Gustavo Noronha Silva>
<address Belo Horizonte/Montes Claros, <BRc>>
<phone	 +55-38-3212-1918/+55-31-3372-6413>
<email	 gustavo.noronha@terra.com.br>

<company Prosoma Inform&aacute;tica>
<address Rua Com Roberto Ugolini 20, <BRc>>
<phone	 (11) 69142088>
<fax	 (11) 2740856>
<email	 prosoma@prosoma.com.br>
<URL	 "http://www.prosoma.com.br";>

<company Elaborata Treinamentos e Produtos de Inform&aacute;tica Ltda>
<address Monsenhor Celso, 256 1&ordm; andar - centro - Curitiba - Pr - <BRc>>
<phone	 41 - 324-0015>
<URL	 "http://www.elaborata.com.br/";>
<email	 servicos@elaborata.com.br>

<name	 Jos&eacute; Leonardo Thozo Vieira>
<address Buritizal, SP, <BRc>>
<phone	 +55 (16) 3751-1121>
<phone	 +55 (16) 9966-4193>
<email	 thozo@com4.com.br>

<name	 M. V. Gandhi Mohan>
<company Universidade Federal da Alagoas>
<address Dept. de F&iacute;sica---UFAL,
	 CEP 57072-970,
<phone	 55-82-2141422 (w)>
<phone	 55-82-99726799 (cel.)>
<fax	 55-82-2141615>
<email	 Gandhi@df.ufal.br>
<email	 Gandhi@fis.ufal.br>
<URL	 "http://debian.ufal.br/";>

<name	 Ricardo Almeida Mateus>
<company Digital Internet e Conectividade>
<address Bel&eacute;m, Par&aacute;, <BRc>>
<phone	 +55 91 2597060>
<email	 ricardo@sintese21.com.br>
<URL	 "http://www.wdigital21.com.br/";>

<name	 Aderbal Botelho Leite Neto>
<company Tux Sistemas>
<address Joel Vieira dos Anjos N/N apto 303 - Macei&oacute; AL - <BRc>>
<phone	 55-82-320-5903>
<fax	 55-82-320-5903>
<email	 aderbal@jampa.com.br>
<email	 aderbalbotelho@hotmail.com>
<URL	 "http://www.texsistemas.kit.net/";>

<name	 Carlos Rocha>
<name	 Sandra Mara Santos>
<company Samurai - Projetos Especiais>
<address Rua Bar&atilde;o do Triunfo 550, 6o.andar, Brooklin, S&atilde;o Paulo - SP>
<phone	 11-5097-3011>
<fax	 11-5097-3001>
<email	 carlos.rocha@samurai.com.br>
<email	 sandra@samurai.com.br>
<URL	 "http://www.samurai.com.br/";>

<name	 Ricardo Ferreira>
<company Hangar Company Solu&ccedil;&otilde;es Linux>
<address Largo Padre P&eacute;ricles, 145 cj 182 Barra Funda - 01156-040 - S&atilde;o Paulo - SP>
<phone	 55 11 3836-4827 / 3666-6495>
<fax	 55 11 3836-4827 / 3666-6495>
<email	 contato@hangarcompany.com.br>
<URL	 "http://www.hangarcompany.com.br/";>

<name	 Marcos Helbert de Almeida Fontana>
<company E.A.S. Tecnologia e Informa&ccedil;&atilde;o>
<address Av. Portugal 3215, Pampulha / Belo Horizonte>
<phone	 +55 -31- 9618-1067>
<email	 marcos_fontana@yahoo.com.br>

<name	 Marcelo Marques>
<company 4Linux>
<address S&atilde;o Paulo - S&atilde;o Paulo - <BRc>>
<phone	 +55 (11) 3889.01.08>
<fax	 +55 (11) 3889.01.08>
<email	 contato@4linux.com.br>
<URL	 "http://www.4linux.com.br/";>


<name    Kevin Traas>
<company Superior Software Services>
<address Chilliwack, BC, <CAc>>
<phone   +1-604-858-5678>
<email   kevin@tra.as>

<name    Jim Pick>
<company Jim Pick Software>
<address Penticton, BC, <CAc>>
<phone   +1-250-490-8777>
<fax     +1-250-490-8772>
<email   jim@jimpick.com>
<URL     "http://www.jimpick.com/";>

<name    Alan Laudicina>
<company Unix Power>
<address Windsor, ON, <CAc>>
<email   alanp@unixpower.org>
<URL     "http://www.unixpower.org/";>

<name    Nick Torys>
<company Cybertor Enterprises Ltd.>
<address Markham, Ontario, <CAc>>
<phone   +1-905-471-0600>
<email   sales@cybertor.com>
<URL     "http://www.cybertor.com/";>

<name    Narcis Tesa>
<company ntropiX Inc.>
<address 30 - 433 Sherbourne Street, Toronto, ON, M4X 1K5, <CAc>>
<phone   +1-416-410-3669>
<email   info@ntropix.com>
<URL     "http://www.ntropix.com/";>

<name    Sheldon Mustard>
<company Maverick Solutions Inc.>
<address 5160 Yonge St., Suite 1300 Toronto ON M2N 6L9, <CAc>>
<phone   +1-416-223-4601>
<email   support@maverick-solutions.com>
<URL     "http://www.maverick-solutions.com/";>

<name	 Michael Lessard>
<company Cegonha Technologies Inc>
<address 200, 118ieme rue, Beauceville, Quebec, G5X 3N7, <CAc>>
<phone	 +1-418-774-3002>
<fax	 +1-418-774-2220>
<email	 michael.lessard@cegonhatech.com>
<URL	 "http://www.cegonhatech.com";>

<company PALLIX Internet Security Inc.>
<address Winnipeg, Manitoba, <CAc>>
<phone	 +1-204-885-9228>
<email	 debian@pallix.ca>
<URL	 "http://www.pallix.ca/";>

<name	 Dominique Fortier>
<address 2672, de Chateauguay, Montr&eacute;al, Qu&eacute;bec, H3K 1L4, <CAc>>
<phone	 +1-514-939-1242>
<email	 Dominique@Osnode.COM>
<URL	 "http://www.Osnode.COM/";>
         CAN, en fonction du projet.>

<name	 Mark J. Nenadov>
<company Python Byte Solutions>
<address Windsor, Ontario, <CAc>>
<email	 info@pythonbyte.com>
<URL	 "http://www.pythonbyte.com/";>


<name	 Richard J. Morales Brenes>
<company Linux Mania>
<address 400 mts Norte y 50 mts Sur del Karamakiry, San Jose - Costa Rica>
<phone	 (506)  221-01-94>
<email	 info@linuxmania.co.cr>
<URL	 "http://www.linuxmania.co.cr/";>


<name	 John Chronister>
<company LinuxWizards>
<phone	 +42-0518-340776>
<email	 chron@linuxwizards.org>
<URL	 "http://www.linuxwizards.org/";>


<name    Knud H. S&oslash;rensen>
<company AL&amp;L Technology>
<address Aarhus, <DKc>>
<email   nospam@all-technology.com>
<URL     "http://www.all-technology.com";>

<name    Hasse Hagen Johansen>
<company Linuxkonsulenten.dk>
<address Copenhagen, <DKc>>
<email   hhj@linuxkonsulenten.dk>
<URL     "http://www.linuxkonsulenten.dk/";>


<name	 Ismo Jokinen>
<company Soft Parade Oy>
<address Espoo, <FIc>>
<phone   +358-9-85490780>
<phone   +358-400-964642>
<fax     +358-9-85490780>
<email   ismo@softparade.fi>
<URL     "http://www.softparade.fi/";>

<name	 Janne Lilja>
<company Lelux>
<address Konalantie 47 C, 00390 Helsinki, <FIc>>
<phone   +358-40-7336775>
<email   lelux@lelux.fi>
<URL     "http://www.lelux.fi";>

<name	 Mikko Moilanen>
<address Uistinkatu 3 as 23; 50190 MIKKELI ; Suomi-Finland>
<phone	 +358 40 540 7469>
<email	 mikko.moilanen@ty.mikkeliamk.fi>
<URL	 "http://kotisivu.dnainternet.net/moilami1";>

<name	 Jarno Saarinen>
<company JS Tietotuki>
<address Inssinkuja 2 as 5, 55610 IMATRA, FINLAND>
<phone	 +358 40 539 8165>
<email	 jarno.saarinen@jstietotuki.fi>
<URL	 "http://www.jstietotuki.fi/";>

<name	 Marcus Wiksten (Sales)>
<company Moving Entertainment Ltd.>
<address Fredrikinkatu 48 A>
<phone	 +358405047734>
<fax	 +358947881333>
<email	 marcus.wiksten@movingentertainment.com>
<URL	 "http://www.movingentertainment.com/";>


<company Alc&ocirc;ve>
<address Paris, <FRc>>
<phone   +33-1-49-22-68-00>
<fax     +33-1-49-22-68-01>
<email   alcove@alcove.fr>
<URL     "http://www.alcove.fr/";>

<company Easter-eggs>
<address 44-46, rue de l'Ouest - 75014 Paris - <FRc>>
<phone   +33-1-43-35-00-37>
<email   info@easter-eggs.com>
<URL     "http://www.easter-eggs.com/";>

<company MNIS>
<address Paris, <FRc>>
<phone   +33-2-31-86-26-67>
<fax     +33-2-86-26-67>
<email   mnis@mnis.fr>
<URL     "http://www.mnis.fr/";>

<name    Vincent Renardias>
<address Valbonne, 06, <FRc>>
<phone   +33-4-92-38-99-46>
<email   vincent@renardias.com>
<URL     "http://www.renardias.com/";>

<company ATRID>
<address Orsay, <FRc>>
<phone   +33-1-69-85-24-13>
<fax     +33-1-69-35-50-51>
<email   info@atrid.fr>
<URL     "http://www.atrid.fr/";>

<name	 Carlier Pierre>
<company ALIACOM>
<address Toulouse, <FRc>>
<phone   +33-5-62-192-491>
<fax     +33-5-62-192-492>
<email   info@aliacom.fr>
<URL     "http://www.aliacom.fr/";>

<company Eikonex>
<address 64 All&eacute;es Jean Jaur&egrave;s, 31000 Toulouse, <FRc>>
<phone   +33-5-3441-6800>
<email   contact@eikonex.net>
<URL     "http://www.eikonex.net/";>

<name	 Benoit Duffau>
<company Aurora-Groupe>
<address Paris, <FRc>>
<phone   +33-1-73-02-94-00>
<email   contact@aurora-groupe.com>
<URL     "http://www.aurora-groupe.com/";>

<name    Wilfried Blein>
<company Yktys Consulting>
<address 17 rue Herm&egrave;s, 31240 L'UNION, <FRc>>
<phone   +33-534-250 600>
<email   contact@yktys.com>
<URL     "http://www.yktys.com/";>

<name    S&eacute;bastien Heitzmann>
<company 2LE>
<address 40 rue Marc Seguin - BP 2118, 68200 MULHOUSE CEDEX, <FRc>>
<phone   +33-389-32 76 22>
<email   2le@2le.net>
<URL     "http://www.2le.net/";>

<name    Yann LANGLAIS>
<company INTRASYS>
<address 9, avenue de l'Op&eacute;ra, 75001 PARIS, <FRc>>
<phone   +33 1 44 86 09 09>
<fax     +33 1 44 86 09 08>
<email   linux@intrasys.fr>
<URL     "http://www.intrasys.fr/";>

<name	 Berchet johann>
<company IIA>
<address 60 rue jaboulay 69007 Lyon <FRc>>
<phone	 +33-4-78-72-68-18>
<fax	 +33-4-78-72-71-98>
<email	 contact@iia.fr>
<URL	 "http://www.iia.fr/";>

<name	 J. Montiel>
<company NTSys>
<address Centre Scientifique A. Moiroux, 64, chemin des Mouilles, 69130 - ECULLY, <FRc>>
<phone	 +33 472 18 09 13>
<fax	 +33 472 18 90 91>
<email	 jmontiel@ntsys.fr>
<URL	 "http://www.ntsys.fr/";>

<name	 Jos&eacute; Luu>
<company Applia>
<address 16 rue etienne marcel, 91430 Igny, France>
<phone	 +33 1 69 35 32 10>
<fax	 +33 1 69 35 32 11>
<email	 jluu@applia.fr>
<URL	 "http://www.applia.fr/";>


<company GSG Global Service Group>
<address Darmst&auml;dter Stra&szlig;e 53, 64354 Reinheim, <DEc>>
<phone   +49-6162-1051>
<fax     +49-6162-1055>
<email   info@gsg-edv.de>
<URL     "http://www.gsg-edv.de";>

<name    Markus Braasch>
<company WebArtists Internet Services>
<address Hamburg, <DEc>>
<phone   +49-40-55540427>
<phone   +49-172-4032506>
<fax     +49-40-55294280>
<email   mb@webartists.net>
<URL     "http://webartists.net/";>

<name    Abdul Rashid>
<company SoftBrain>
<address Munich, <DEc>>
<phone   +49-(0)6781-44486>
<phone   +49-(0)171-6937380>
<fax     +49-(0)6781-44586>
<email   rashid@paracha.de>
<URL     "http://www.softbrain.de/";>

<company Abacom-Internet GmbH &amp; Co>
<address H&ouml;xter, <DEc>>
<phone   +49-5271-9670>
<fax     +49-5271-967267>
<email   info@abacom.net>
<URL     "http://www.abacom.net/";>

<name	 J&ouml;rg Wendland>
<company Scan Plus GmbH>
<address Griesbadgasse 7, 89077 Ulm, <DEc>>
<phone   49-731-920130>
<email	 info@scan-plus.de>
<URL     "http://www.scan-plus.de/";>

<name    Bert Zulauf>
<company eye-pi.com, Hamacher Zulauf IT Solutions>
<address Burrscheid, <DEc>>
<phone   +49-2174-660042>
<fax     +49-2174-768699>
<email   info@eye-pi.com>
<URL     "http://www.eye-pi.com/";>

<name    Nalini Hoenow>
<company Netropol GmbH>
<address Lagerstrasse 30a, 22415 Hamburg, <DEc>>
<phone   +49-40-2841670>
<email   nh@netropol.de>
<URL     "http://www.netropol.de/";>

<name    Elwin Ehlers>
<company Linuxkontor>
<address Kirchbachstr. 146, 28211 Bremen, <DEc>>
<phone   +49-0-1755989870>
<email   info@linuxkontor.de>
<URL     "http://www.linuxkontor.de/";>

<name	 Martin Bruenn>
<company Advanced Systemhaus GmbH>
<address Deelboege 5-7, 22297 Hamburg, <DEc>>
<phone   +49-40-253050-0>
<email	 kontakt@adinfo.de>
<URL     "http://www.advanced.info";>

<name	 Michael Lamberty>
<company linunet GmbH>
<address Wickerer Strasse 50, 65439 Floersheim am Main, <DEc>>
<phone   +49-7000-LINUNET (5468638)>
<fax     +49-7000-LINUFAX (5468329)>
<email	 info@linunet.com>
<URL     "http://www.linunet.com";>

<name    Klaus Kappel>
<company Nova Lisa IT>
<address Haalstr. 1, D-74523 Schwaebisch Hall, <DEc>>
<phone   +49-791-97817900>
<email   info@NovaLisa.de>
<URL     "http://www.NovaLisa.de";>

<name    Thilo Pfennig>
<address Kiel, <DEc>>
<phone   +49-431-77591162>
<email   tp@alternativ.net>
<URL     "http://www.alternativ.net/edv/";>

<name    Dirk Scheffler>
<company ds-DATASYSTEME>
<address Borsigstr. 3, 24568 Kaltenkirchen, <DEc>>
<phone   +49 (0)4191 800284>
<fax     +49 (0)4191 8002860>
<email   ds@datasysteme.de>
<URL     "http://www.datasysteme.de/";>

<name    Gaurav Sabharwal>
<company Inwire.net>
<address Puetzerstrasse 6B, 115, Darmstadt 64827, <DEc>>
<phone   +49-174-329-7597>
<email   info@inwire.net>
<URL     "http://www.inwire.net/";>

<company Inveda GmbH>
<address Leipzig, <DEc>>
<phone	 +49 341 5256520>
<URL	 "http://www.inveda.de";>
<email	 debian@inveda.de>

<name	 Alexander Kitzberger>
<company bitbone AG>
<address Wuerzburg, <DEc>>
<phone	 +49-931-250993-0>
<fax	 +49-931-250993-99>
<email	 info@bitbone.de>
<URL	 "http://www.bitbone.de/";>

<name	 Detlef Johanning>
<address 51469 Bergisch Gladbach, <DEc>>
<phone	 +49-2202-51717>
<email	 dj@d-johanning.de>
<URL	 "http://www.d-johanning.de/";>

<name	 Joerg Aschenbrenner>
<company ap-solutions>
<address Im Kastell 8, 63674 Altenstadt>
<phone	 +49 (0)6047-9879780>
<fax	 +49 (0)6047-9879781>
<email	 service@ap-solutions.de>
<URL	 "http://www.ap-solutions.de/";>

<name	 Thomas Drillich>
<company IT-Service Drillich>
<address Kurfuerstenstr. 4a, D-55118 Mainz, <DEc>>
<phone	 +49-6131-57026-21>
<fax	 +49-6131-57026-22>
<email	 th@drillich.com>

<name	 Uwe Steinmann>
<company MMK GmbH>
<address Universit&auml;tsstra&szlig;e 11, 58097 Hagen, <DEc>>
<phone	 +49 2331 840446>
<fax     +49 2331 843920>
<email	 uwe.steinmann@mmk-hagen.de>
<URL     "http://www.mmk-hagen.de/";>


<company Genesis Systems Int'l Ltd.>
<address Kowloon, <HKc>>
<phone   +852-2815-0728>
<fax     +852-2815-0729>
<email   info@genesis.com.hk>
<URL     "http://www.genesis.com.hk/";>

<name    T. Tang>
<company OpenSys Computer Network Co.>
<address Kowloon, <HKc>>
<phone   +852-8108-5576>
<fax     +852-2351-5576>
<email   info@osys.com.hk>
<URL     "http://osys.com.hk/";>


<name    Lehel Bernadt>
<company PMC Services>
<address Budapest, <HUc>>
<phone   +36-30-4109473>
<email   info@pmc-services.hu>
<URL     "http://pmc-services.hu";>

<name    Krisztian Czako>
<address Budapest, <HUc>>
<phone   +36-20-548844>
<fax     +36-1-2144070>
<email   slapic@vogel.hu>
<email   slapic@pilatuscomp.com>
<URL     "http://www.pilatuscomp.com/";>
         requirements. I can install and maintain full systems also.>

<name	 Andras Sallai>
<address Budapest, <HUc>>
<phone	 +36-30-4386931>
<email	 sallaia@hungary.cc>


<name    Tryggvi Farestveit>
<company TnT Admins>
<address Reykjavik, <ISc>>
<phone   +354-891-7445>
<email   tnt@linux.is>
<URL     "http://www.linux.is/tnt/";>


<name    Zameer Ahmed>
<company Lateral Software Technologies>
<address Alwarpet, Chennai, <INc>>
<phone   +91-44-467-1560>
<phone   +91-44-467-1561>
<fax     +91-44-4910740>
<email   linux@lateral.org>
<URL     "http://www.lateralsoftware.com/";>

<name    Raj Mathur>
<company Kandalaya>
<address S-107 Greater Kailash II, First Floor, New Delhi 110048, <INc>>
<phone   +91-11-6225321>
<phone   +91-11-6426681>
<phone   +91-9811066460>
<fax     +1-630-839-4773>
<email   contact@kandalaya.org>
<URL     "http://kandalaya.org/";>

<name	 Shashi Shekhar S>
<company INFORMEDIA>
<address I Floor, Aparna Arcades, 2799/1, 8th Cross, Adipampa Road, V V Mohalla,
	 Mysore 570002, <INc>>
<phone	 +91-821-510011>
<fax	 +91-821-412258>
<email	 debian@imindia.net>
<URL	 http://www.imindia.net>

<company CyberAds Studio>
<address 5 Sharda, A Road, Churchgate, Mumbai, 400020, <INc>>
<phone	 91-22-22048397>
<fax	 91-22-23080197>
<email	 sales@cyberadsstudio.com>
<URL	 "http://www.cyberadsstudio.com/";>

<name	 K. Prasad>
<company Bluebay Networks>
<address PRAMADAM, Cherodath Hse, Peruvanam, Post Cherpu 680561, Trichur, Kerala, <INc>.>
<phone	 +91 487 2342953>
<email	 mail@bbnindia.com>
<URL	 "http://www.bbnindia.com/";>

<name	 Raj Singhal>
<company BrickRed Technologies>
<address B-2 Sector-31 Noida, Delhi, <INc>>
<phone	 +91-120-2456361>
<email	 info@brickred.com>
<URL	 "http://www.brickred.com/";>

<name	 Janaki Ramani>
<company Savitr Software Services>
<address #67, Chikoti Gardens, Begumpet, Hyderabad, A.P. <INc>.>
<phone	 +91-40-2776 8111 / 55334088>
<email	 seosubmitter@yahoo.com>
<URL	 "http://www.savitr.com/index.html";>

<name 	 Warren Brian Noronha>
<company Norrix Associates>
<address 006, D-23, Yogi Nagar. Borivli West.
	 Bombay 400091. Maharashtra, <INc>.>
<phone	 +91 9892479313>
<email	 warren@freedomink.org>
<URL	 "http://norrix.netfirms.com/";>

<name	 Hemanth Kumar A>
<company Clavib>
<address 105, 2nd Floor, Surya Towers, SP Road Secunderabad, AP, <INc>>
<phone	 +91-40-27893840>
<email	 info@clavib.com>
<URL	 "http://www.clavib.com/";>

<address 17, shah sultan complex, cunningham road,bangalore-560052>
<phone	 91080-51235233 and 51235244>
<fax	 91080-51235233>
<email	 icindia1@rediffmail.com>
<URL	 "http://www.indian-traditions.com/";>

<name	 Jeet Gappanna>
<company Synergy Infotech>
<address #25, 100' Ring Road
	 BTM I Phase, II Stage
	 Bangalore - India
	 ZIP/PIN - 560076>
<phone	 +91-80-26780026>
<fax	 +91-80-26688884>
<email	 jeet@synergy-infotech.com>
<URL	 "http://www.synergy-infotech.com/";>

<name	 Bruce Lindsey>
<company Integrated Computing Environments Ltd>
<address #4, CSEZ, Cochin Special Economic Zone, Cochin, INDIA - 682 307>
<phone	 +91.484.2413.096>
<email	 webmail@iceindia.com>
<URL	 "http://www.iceindia.com/";>

<name	 Mohammad Shahid>
<company Softcell Solutions>
<address 620 sector 7B faridabad-121006 (india)>
<phone	 0091-1293091565>
<email	 shahid@softcellsolutions.com>
<URL	 "http://www.softcellsolutions.com/";>

<name	 Ramakant Jawalkar>
<company Yukthi Systems Pvt. Ltd>
<address 3rd Floor, Fazal Manor, Bangalore, <INc>>
<phone	 +91 080 2248 3813>
<phone	 +91 080 2248 6135>
<email	 connect@yukthi.com>
<URL	 "http://www.yukthi.com";>


<name    John Basila, Ofir Arkin>
<company Publicom, Israel, ltd., Unix - division.>
<address Petach Tikva, Tirat-Hacarmel, <ILc>>
<phone   +972-3-9234858 or +972-4-8577890>
<fax     +972-3-9234274 or +972-4-8577163>
<email   UNIX-Division@publicom.co.il>
<URL     "http://www.publicom.co.il/";>


<name    Federico Di Gregorio>
<company Studio Associato Di Nunzio e Di Gregorio>
<address Torino, <ITc>>
<phone   +39-335-6909638>
<fax     +39-011-6504097>
<URL     "http://studio.initd.org/";>
<email   fog@initd.org>

<name    Fausto Daluiso>
<company time-net>
<address Empoli, <ITc>>
<phone   +39-0571-81428>
<fax     +39-0571-944800>
<email   info@penteres.it>

<company M.C.G. di Montecchi Giancarlo s.a.s.>
<address Milan, <ITc>>
<phone   +39-02-4152442>
<fax     +39-02-4152442>
<email   gianluca.montecchi@virtualia.it>

<name    Antonio Gallo>
<company Information Technology Consultant>
<address Cellole, <ITc>>
<email   agx@linux.it>
<URL     "http://www.badpenguin.org/";>

<name    Emanuele Vedova>
<company Vedova Computing>
<address Como, <ITc>>
<phone   +39-348-6041536>
<fax     +39-02-700445509>
<email   vedova@vedova.net>
<URL     "http://www.vedova.net/";>

<name    Paolo Correnti>
<address Rome, <ITc>>
<email   paolo.correnti@libero.it>
<URL     "http://digilander.iol.it/paolocorrenti/";>

<name    Andrea Cittadini Bellini>
<company AC Open>
<address Ascoli Piceno, <ITc>>
<phone   +39 328 4595611>
<email   info@ac-open.com>
<URL	 "http://www.ac-open.com/";>

<name    Alessandro Bagaglia>
<company RayCone WebTech>
<address via A. Ponchielli 15, 06100 Ellera di Corciano (PG), <ITc>>
<phone   +39-075-5173399>
<fax     +39-075-5173399>
<email   raycone@raycone.net>
<URL     "http://www.raycone.net/";>

<name	 Adriano Archetti>
<address Brescia, <ITc>>
<phone	 +39 3297059678>
<email	 adriano.archetti@tiscali.it>
<URL	 "http://www.archetti.org";>

<name	 Andrea Gedda>
<address Genova, Liguria, <ITc>>
<phone	 +39 3479409611>
<email	 consulting@studioinf.com>
<URL	 "http://www.studioinf.com/";>

<name	 Simone Giustetti>
<company Studio Simone Giustetti>
<address via Gaggianego 33A I-16036 Recco (GE) <ITc>>
<phone	 (+39) 347-3425647>
<email	 studiosg@giustetti.net>
<URL	 "http://www.giustetti.net/";>

<name	 Giovanni Bechis>
<company SnB>
<address Jesi (AN), Italia>
<email	 g.bechis@snb.it>
<URL	 "http://www.snb.it/";>

<name	 Raphael Vallazza>
<company Endian>
<address Via Monte 41
         39057 Appiano (BZ)
<phone	 +39 339 5620338>
<fax	 +39 0471 665468>
<email	 info@endian.it>
<URL	 "http://www.endian.it/";>

<name	 Enrico Rubboli>
<address 1, Missiroli st.>
<URL	 "http://www.rubboli.it/";>

<name	 Roberto Butti>
<company Roberto Butti>
<address Lecco (LC) - <ITc>>
<email	 roberto@errebit.com>
<URL	 "http://www.errebit.com/";>

<name	 Antonio Cosenza>
<address Torino, <ITc>>
<phone	 +39-393-722-73-44>
<phone   +39-338-54-00886>
<email	 info@debsolutions.net>
<URL     "http://www.debsolutions.net";>
<URL	 "http://cosenza.homelinux.org:5080/";>

<name	 Franco Lanza>
<company Nexlab>
<address Milano - <ITc>>
<phone	 +39 339 8125940>
<fax	 +39 02 48370447>
<email	 nextime@nexlab.it>
<URL	 "http://www.nexlab.it/";>

<name	 Lorenzo Delorenzi>
<company Lisylab S.r.l.>
<address Via Don Andrea Recaldini - Castenedolo (BRESCIA)>
<phone	 030/23.15.400>
<fax	 030/23.11.724>
<email	 info@lisylab.com>
<URL	 "http://www.lisylab.com/";>

<name	 Massimo Martini>
<company GuruNetwork>
<address Vicenza -Italy>
<phone	 338-4956355>
<email	 info@gurunetwork.it>
	 Monthly/annual support contracts available.>

<name	 Gian Paolo Ciceri>
<company Suddenthinks>
<address Milano, Italia>
<phone	 ++39-340-7218101>
<email	 info@suddenthinks.com>
<URL	 "http://www.suddenthinks.com/";>

<name	 Ivan Fabris>
<address Forli' (Italy)>
<phone	 +39-347-4957912>
<email	 i.fabris@rtsystem.com>
<email	 ivan@darthxiong.net>

<name	 Diego Cortassa>
<company LogX S.r.l.>
<address Via Bruino 7, 10138 Torino, <ITc>>
<phone	 +39-348-2329325>
<fax	 +39-011-4305886>
<email	 diego.cortassa@logx.it>
<URL	 "http://www.logx.it/";>


<name	 Nobuyuki Matsuki>
<company FASP.TV>
<address Kashiba, Nara, Japan>
<phone	 090-6679-2012>
<email	 webshop@fasp.tv>
<URL	 "http://www.fasp.tv/webshop/catalog/";>


<name    Alphonse Ogulla>
<company Linux Computing Services (A division of Alreg Scientific)>
<address P. O. Box 43561 Nairobi 00100 GPO, <KEc>>
<phone   +254-20-3200-5232>
<fax     +254-20-242084>
<email   alregscientific(at)yahoo.com>
<URL     "http://www.geocities.com/alregscientific/";>


<name    M.J. Roelofs>
<company Murphy Software BV>
<address P.O. Box 285, 7500 AG Enschede, <NLc>>
<phone   +31-53-4320055>
<email   office@murphy.nl>
<URL     "http://www.murphy.nl";>

<name    Mark Overmeer>
<company MARKOV Solutions>
<address Sweelincklaan 8, 6815 BH  Arnhem, <NLc>>
<phone   +31-26-445-67-12>
<email   solutions@overmeer.net>
<URL     "http://solutions.overmeer.net/";>


<company Moebius Systems Ltd>
<address Auckland, <NZc>>
<phone   +64-21-633-234>
<email   info@moebius.co.nz>
<URL     "http://www.moebius.co.nz/";>

<name	 Steve McKay>
<company FFF Managed Technology>
<address 60 Cook St, Auckland, New Zealand>
<phone	 +64 9 356 2911>
<fax	 +64 9 358 9070>
<email	 enquiries@fff.co.nz>
<URL	 "http://www.fff.co.nz/";>

<name	 Roberto Alfaro Arriola>
<company Linux-Net, S.A.>
<address Villa Flor Norte, Costado Noroeste De la Iglesia Catolica
	   25 Varas Arriba, Casa # 985, Managua-<NIc>>
<phone	 505-2894333>
<email	 info@linux.net.ni>
<URL	 "http://www.linux.net.ni/";>


<name    Eirik Mikkelsen>
<address B&aelig;rum, <NOc>>
<phone   +47 909 87 823>
<email   eirik.mikkelsen@unix.net>


<name	 A. Sajjad Zaidi>
<company iinix Solutions>
<address Islamabad, <PKc>>
<phone	 +92 (51) 444 5187>
<email	 info@iinix.com>
<URL	 "http://www.iinix.com/";>


<name    Kamil &#346;wi&#261;tkowski - System Administrator>
<company MaroonPoint Polska Sp.J.>
<address 60-541 Pozna&#324;, ul.Szczepanowskiego 11, <PLc>>
<phone   +48-61-8470498>
<phone   +48-50-9289115>
<fax     +48-61-8470498>
<email   office@maroonpoint.com>
<URL     "http://www.maroonpoint.com/";>

<name    Marek Michalkiewicz>
<company Am Elektronik s. c.>
<address Gdansk, <PLc>>
<phone   +48-58-3440061>
<fax     +48-58-3440061>
<URL	 "http://www.amelek.gda.pl/";>
<email   debian@amelek.gda.pl>

<name    Wojciech Milek>
<company Demo S.C.>
<address Katowice, <PLc>>
<phone   +48-32-2010501>
<fax     +48-32-2010501>
<email   info@demo.pl>

<name	 Tomasz Karczewski>
<company Open Network Technologies Polska Tomasz Karczewski>
<address Osiedlowa 17/37, 65-268 Zielona G&oacute;ra, <PLc>>
<phone	 +48(0)501 653395>
<fax	 +48(0)68 3206390>
<email	 T.Karczewski@ontp.net>
<URL	 "http://www.ontp.net/";>

<name	 Jakub Kulpeksza>
<company ABV - Integrator System&oacute;w i Sieci Komputerowych>
<address Starej Gruszy 7A/9, 03-289 Warszawa, <PLc>>
<phone   +48 606.688.097>
<phone   +48 22 823.59.16>
<email   abv@abv.pl>
<URL     "http://www.abv.pl/";>


<name    Miguel Vitorino>
<company Telecorreio>
<address Lisbon, <PTc>>
<phone   +351-1-9138501>
<email   mvitorino@telecorreio.pt>
<URL     "http://telecorreio.pt/";>

<company Arte Numerica>
<address Lisbon, <PTc>>
<email	 info@artenumerica.com>
<URL	 "http://artenumerica.com/";>


<name    Sebastian Taralunga>
<company TCX Consultancy>
<address Calea Victoriei 120, Bucharest, <ROc>>
<phone   +40213132596>
<fax     +40213132597>
<email   seba.consult@tcx.ro>
<URL     "http://www.tcx.ro/";>


<name    Denis A. Semenov>
<company Eldev LLC>
<address 19 Sovietskaya, Ulyanovsk 432700, <RUc>>
<phone   +7-8422-441837>
<fax     +7-8422-420921>
<email   info@eldev.com>
<URL     "http://www.eldev.com";>

<name    Michael Bravo>
<company TAG Ltd.>
<address St. Petersburg, <RUc>>
<phone   +7-812-328-4212>
<email   mbravo@tag-ltd.spb.ru>

<name    Alexei Petrov>
<company Offshore Web Solutions>
<address Moscow, 172323, Urizkaya 111-2, <RUc>>
<phone   (095) 94346465>
<fax     (095) 92346365>
<email   info@offshore-web-solutions.com>
<URL     "http://www.offshore-web-solutions.com/";>

<name	 Alexey Kadyrov>
<company Arcadia, Inc>
<address St.Petersburg, <RUc>>
<phone	 +7+812-164-8456>
<fax	 +7+812-112-40-18>
<email	 info@arcadia.spb.ru>
<URL	 "http://www.offshore-software.ru/";>

<name	 Ivan S. Tanaskovic>
<address Uzice, Serbia, <YUc>>
<phone	 064/22-11-691>
<email	 titan@tesla.rcub.bg.ac.yu>


<company Oddesy internet services (Pty) Ltd>
<address Centurion, <ZAc>>
<phone   +27-12-663-9766>
# Cell phones
<phone   +27-83-461-1989>
<phone   +27-82-464-2869>
<fax     +27-12-663-3767>
<email   support@oddesy.co.za>


<name    Fernando P&eacute;rez>
<company RSi Comunicaci&oacute;, S.L.>
<address Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 124 Ent. 3a 08005 Barcelona, <ESc>>
<phone   +34-93-285-62-76>
<fax     +34-93-285-64-33>
<email   comercial@rsicom.net>
<URL     "http://www.rsicom.net";>

<name    David Torea>
<company L&oacute;xica Tecnolox&iacute;as da Informaci&oacute;n, S. L.>
<address Plaza de Europa, 13, 4B, 15707 Santiago de Compostela, A Coru&ntilde;a, <ESc>>
<phone   +34-670-249-804>
<email   loxica@loxica.net>
<URL     "http://www.loxica.net/";>

<name    Fco. Javier Cou&ntilde;ago>
<company TodoSistemas>
<address Pontevedra, <ESc>>
<phone   +34-669-44-03-72>
<fax     +34-986-87-42-52>
<email   clean@todosistemas.com>
<URL     "http://www.todosistemas.com";>

<name    Kenneth Peiruza>
<address Barcelona, <ESc>>
<phone   +34-666-23-64-33>
<email   kenneth@canal21.com>

<name    Jos&eacute; Luis Martin>
<company Biocora Consultores S.L.>
<address C/ Santa F&eacute; n&ordm; 11 12 B Sevilla, <ESc>>
<phone   +34-95-408-2321>
<email   informatica@biocora.com>
<url     "http://www.biocora.com/linux/";>

<name    Juan Cespedes>
<address Madrid, <ESc>>
<phone   +34-661853882>
<email   johnny@thehackers.org>

<name    Carlos Hergueta Garelly>
<company Maraton Information Systems, S.A.>
<address C/Santiago Rusi&ntilde;ol 10, 28040 Madrid, <ESc>>
<phone   915989950>
<fax     915533447>
<email   chergueta@maraton.com>
<URL     "http://www.maraton.com/";>

<name	 Sergio Arias>
<address Barcelona, <ESc>>
<phone	 +34-639-507-303>
<email	 sergio@codigo.com>
<URL	 "http://codigo.com/~sergio";>

<name	 Ricardo C&aacute;rdenes>
<company Conysis Investigaci&oacute;n y Desarrollo, S.A.>
<address La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, <ESc>>
<phone	 +34-922643900>
<email	 sistemas@conysis.com>

<name	 Juantom&aacute;s Garc&iacute;a>
<company LaRED Consulting>
<address c/saturnino calleja, 6 1-b, <ESc>>
<phone	 +34 902 013366>
<fax	 +34 91510 30 99>
<email	 juantomas@laredconsulting.com>
<URL	 "http://www.laredconsulting.com/";>

<name	 Roberto Moreda>
<company Alfa21 Outsourcing S.L.>
<address Ronda de Outeiro, 33, entresuelo derecha, La Coru&ntilde;a, <ESc>>
<phone	 +34-981173344>
<fax	 +34-981173344>
<email	 info@alfa21.com>
<URL	 "http://www.alfa21.com/";>

<name	 Antonio Alvarez>
<company N2B Solutions &amp; Teneinformatica Software>
<address C/ Doctor Alberto de Armas,6 Bajos <ESc>>
<phone	 +0034 922 235163>
<phone	 +0034 922 232599>
<fax	 +0034 922 210051>
<email	 aramirez@teneinformatica.com>
<URL	 "http://www.teneinformatica.com/";>

<name	 Eduardo D&iacute;az Comellas>
<company Ultreia Comunicaciones S.L.>
<address c/ Jaime Balmes 3, 3B
	 Vigo 36208
<phone	 986 243324>
<email	 ediaz@ultreia.es>
<URL	 "http://www.ultreia.es/";>

<name	 J. Julio Fuentes Mart&iacute;nez>
<company Neo Servicios Telem&aacute;ticos>
<address Manuel Lopez Quereda 18 Bajo. 03204 Elche. Alicante>
<phone	 96 663 5683>
<fax	 96 663 2955>
<email	 neo@neo-st.com>
<URL	 "http://www.neo-st.com/";>

<name	 Antonio Pardo>
<company xsto.info>
<address Plaza Conde Valle Suchil 19. 28015. Madrid, <ESc>>
<phone	 +34666816040>
<fax	 +34915398691>
<email	 info@xsto.info>
<URL	 "http://xsto.info/";>

<name	 Jose Mar&iacute;a G&oacute;mez Vergara>
<company iCodsi Labs>
<address C/ Castilla, 20, M&aacute;laga, <ESc>>
<email	 jose.maria@icodsi.biz>
<URL	 "http://www.icodsi.biz/";>


<company NetGuide>
<address Gothenburg, <SEc>>
<phone   +46-31-507900>
<fax     +46-31-507939>
<email   info@netg.se>
<URL     "http://www.netg.se/";>

<name    Nils Andersson>
<address Stockholm, <SEc>>
<phone   +46-709-85-11-24>
<email   nia@lysator.liu.se>

<name	 Peter Steen>
<company Ingenj&ouml;rsfirman Steen>
<address Timmermansgatan 6, 244 31 K&auml;vlinge, <SEc>>
<phone   +46-380-558162>
<fax     +46-380-558173>
<email   peter.steen@ing-steen.se>
<URL     "http://www.ing-steen.se/";>

<name	 Jakob Eriksson>
<company Solid Form Sweden AB>
<address V&auml;ster&aring;s, <SEc>>
<phone	 +46 (0) 21 13 86 86>
<email	 info@solidform.se>
<URL	 "http://www.solidform.se/";>

<name	 Lukasz Andersson>
<company Objectory>
<address &Ouml;ster&ouml;gatan 3, 164 40 Kista, <SEc>>
<phone   073-500 69 38>
<fax     08-751 66 66>
<email	 lukasz.andersson@redburst.com>
<URL	 "http://www.redburst.com/";>


<name    George Fankhauser>
<company Sensaco Consulting>
<address Erlenbach ZH, <CHc>>
<phone   +41 79 734 2067>
<email   gfa@sensaco.com>
<URL     "http://www.sensaco.com/";>

<name	 Rapha&euml;l Arrigoni>
<company LynuxTraining>
<address 6 av. du Petit-Senn, <CHc>>
<phone	 +41 22 348 1829>
<email	 info@lynuxtraining.com>
<URL	 "http://www.lynuxtraining.com/";>

<name	 Didier Genoud>
<company Genoud Asset Management AG>
<address Sch&ouml;nauweg 1, 8134 Adliswil, <CHc>>
<phone	 +41 79 404 8665>
<fax	 +41 1 710 5666>
<email	 debian@genam.ch>
<URL	 "http://www.genoud.ch/";>

<company ScioByte Information Technologies AG>
<address Innere G&uuml;terstrasse 4, CH-6304 ZUG (<CHc>)>
<phone	 +41 41 710 30 18>
<email	 info@sciobyte.com>
<URL	 "http://www.sciobyte.com/";>


<company KeConnect Internet>
<address Ipswich, Suffolk, <UKc>>
<phone   +44-1473-403020>
<email   networks@keme.net>
<URL     "http://www.keconnect.co.uk";>

<name    Steve Lapthorn>
<company David Goodenough &amp; Associates Limited (DGA)>
<address 31 Angel Gate, City Road, London, EC1V 2PT, <UKc>>
<phone   +44-20-7520-3000>
<fax     +44-20-7520-3001>
<email   David.Goodenough@dga.co.uk>
<URL     "http://DGA.co.uk/";>

<name    Conrad Wood>
<company Lemon Computing>
<address Mortlake Business Centre, 20 Mortlake High Street, Mortlake, London SW14 8JN, <UKc>>
<phone   +44-20-8392-6770>
<fax     +44-20-8392-6772>
<email   debian@lemon-computing.com>
<URL     "http://www.lemon-computing.com/";>

<name    Andreas Obermaier>
<address 36 Meadway Precinct, Tilehurst, Reading, RG30 4AB, <UKc>>
<phone   +44-7714-447144>
<email   andreas@port22.net>
<URL     "http://www.port22.net/andreas/";>

<name    Dale Nursten>
<company S2S IT Consultants>
<address Emlins, Norman Road, Burgess Hill, <UKc>>
<phone   +44-1444-232742>
<email   debian@s2s.ltd.uk>
<URL     "http://www.s2s.ltd.uk/";>

<name    Joachim Jellinek>
<company Positive Internet Company Ltd.>
<address 24 Broadway, London, <UKc>>
<phone   +44-20 8579 5551>
<phone	 0800 316 1006 (UK Freephone)>
<email   good@positive-internet.com>
<URL     "http://www.positive-internet.com/";>

<name	 Dave Pullig>
<company Red Cube Systems Limited>
<address Suite 144, 91 Western Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 2NW, <UKc>>
<phone	 0870 745 9140>
<email	 debian@redcubesystems.com>
<URL	 "http://www.redcubesystems.com/";>

<name	 Scott James Remnant>
<company Si Media Ltd>
<address 15 Priorygate Way, BIRMINGHAM B9 5NF, <UKc>>
<phone	 +44 121 773 5005>
<email	 scott@si-media.co.uk>

<name	 Kapil Sharma>
<company Linux4biz>
<address 16, Gayton Court, Gayton Road, Harrow HA1 2HB, <UKc>>
<phone	 +44 (0)7786061440>
<phone	 +44(0)20 88631252>
<fax	 +44(0) 2089334691>
<email	 sales@linux4biz.net>
<URL	 "http://www.linux4biz.net/";>

<name	 Martin WHEELER>
<company AVALONIX Linux Systems Support>
<address Boundary Way,
	 BA6 9PH, <UKc>>
<phone	 +44 1458 83-1103>
<fax	 +44 1458 83-1103>
<email	 info@avalonix.co.uk>
<email	 info@startext.co.uk>
<URL	 "http://avalonix.co.uk/";>
<URL	 "http://www.startext.co.uk/";>

<name	 Grzesiek Sedek>
<address London, <UKc>>
<phone	 +44 781 611 0640>
<email	 grzesiek@mi2.hr>

<name	 Steve Nice>
<company ForLinux>
<address The Bearings, Newark, Notts, NG24 4BZ, <UKc>>
<phone	 44 1636 708313>
<fax	 44 1636 650023>
<email	 steve@forlinux.co.uk>
<URL	 "http://www.forlinux.co.uk/";>

<name	 Tim Hawes>
<company Tim Hawes IT Limited>
<address Edinburgh, <UKc>>
<email	 it@timhawes.com>
<URL	 "http://www.timhawes.com/it/";>

<name	 Katherine Goodwin / David Chan>
<company Clockwork Software Systems>
<address Bridge House, 17a Maybrook Road, Sutton Coldfield Birmingham, B76 1AL,<UKc>>
<phone	 0121 313 3850>
<fax	 0121 313 3860>
<email	 info@clocksoft.com>
<URL	 "http://www.clocksoft.com/";>


<name    Jon Tyler>
<company Technology Associates Group>
<address 3401 SE 35 CT, Ocala, FL 34471, <USc>>
<phone   +1-352-624-8600>
<email   jon@tagfl.com>
<URL     "http://www.tagfl.com";>

<name    Matt Campbell>
<address Wichita, KS, <USc>>
<phone   +1-316-652-8727>
<email   mattcampbell@pobox.com>
<URL     "http://mattcampbell.us/";>

<name    Johan Martin>
<company Catenare LLC>
<address 670 5th Street, San Francisco, CA. 94107, <USc>>
<phone   +1-415-357-5078>
<fax     +1-415-357-5069>
<email   info@catenare.com>
<URL     "http://www.catenare.com";>

<name    Kris S. Amundson>
<company OpenSourcery, LLC>
<address 4684 SE Johnson Creek Boulevard, Portland OR 97222, <USc>>
<phone   +1-503-544-3558>
<email   osourcery@osourcery.com>
<URL     "http://www.osourcery.com/";>

<name    Todd Troxell>
<address Anywhere, PA, <USc>>
<phone   +1-610-742-2123>
<email   xtat@rapidpacket.com>

<name    Bruce Perens>
<company Bruce Perens>
<address Richmond, CA, <USc>>
<email   bruce@hams.com>
<URL     "http://www.hams.com/bruce/";>

<name    S. Ryan Quick>
<company Phaedo Consulting, Inc>
<address Fredericksburg, VA, <USc>>
<phone   +1-540-373-8631>
<email   info@phaedo.com>
<URL     "http://www.phaedo.com/";>

<name    Aaron M. Johnson and Joann J. Johnson>
<company Oakleaf Consulting, Inc.>
<address Portland, OR and South Haven, MI, <USc>>
<email   haven@oakleaf.mqqn.net>
<URL	 "http://oakleaf.mqqn.net/";>

<name	 David Elkins>
<company Hurrah, Inc.>
<address Portland, OR, <USc>>
<phone   +1-503-380-3218>
<email   webgurus@hurrah.com>
<URL     "http://www.hurrah.com/";>

<name    Richard A Sahlender Jr>
<company RAS Systems, Inc.>
<address Pennsburg, PA, <USc>>
<phone   +1-215-679-3291>
<email   rsahlen@rassys.com>
<URL     "http://www.rassys.com/";>

<name    Bao Ha>
<company Hacom Internet Service &amp; Web Presence Provider>
<address Augusta, GA, <USc>>
<phone   +1-706-736-8717>
<email   bao@hacom.net>
<URL     "http://www.hacom.net/";>

<name    Greg Johns>
<address San Jose (Bay Area), CA, <USc>>
<phone   +1-866-849-9325>
<email   gjohns@blackwolf.com>
<URL     "http://www.blackwolf.com/consult/";>

<name    Noel Hunter>
<company camelcity.com>
<address Winston-Salem, NC, <USc>>
<phone   +1-888-992-2635>
<email   noel@camelcity.com>
<URL     "http://www.camelcity.com/";>

<name    Robert C. Tatar>
<company Brand Olde PCs>
<address Malta, NY, <USc>>
<phone   +1-518-899-6999>
<fax     +1-518-899-116>
<email   rct@brandolde.com>

<company Aaronsen Group, Ltd.>
<address Pittsburgh, PA, <USc>>
<address San Jose, CA, <USc>>
<address New York, NY, <USc>>
<phone   +1-412-391-6000>
<fax     +1-412-361-5991>
<email   linux@aaronsen.com>
<URL     "http://www.aaronsen.com/";>

<name    Matthew Borowski>
<company WorldServe Consulting, Inc.>
<address Fairfax, VA, <USc>>
<email   info@worldserve.net>
<URL     "http://www.worldserve.net/";>

<name    Michael Bacarella>
<company Netgraft Corp>
<address New York, New York, <USc>>
<phone   +1-646-641-8662>
<email   consult@netgraft.com>
<URL     "http://netgraft.com/";>

<name    Michael S. Fischer>
<company Dynamine Consulting>
<address San Mateo, CA <USc>>
<phone   +1-650-533-4684>
<email   michael@dynamine.net>

<name    Ivan Kohler>
<company Freeside Internet Services, LLC>
<address San Francisco, CA, <USc>>
<phone   +1-415-606-4332>
<URL     "http://www.sisd.com/";>
<email   ivan-debian@420.am>

<name    Mark A. Richman>
<company Empire Software, Inc.>
<address 9932 NW 57 Manor, Coral Springs, FL 33076, <USc>>
<phone   +1-954-234-9049>
<fax	 +1-309-414-5003>
<URL     "http://www.markrichman.com/";>
<email   mark@markrichman.com>

<name    B. Douglas Hilton>
<company Hilton Systems Engineering>
<address Bradford, PA, <USc>>
<phone   +1-814-362-2148>
<URL     "http://www.gyrodynamic.net";>
<email   doug.hilton@engineer.com>

<name    Crawford Rainwater>
<company The I.T.E.C. Company>
<address P.M.B. 146, 368 South McCaslin Boulevard, Louisville, CO 80027, <USc>>
<phone   +1-303-604-2550>
<email   crawford.rainwater@itec-co.com>
<URL     "http://www.itec-co.com";>

<name    Gary MacDougall>
<company FreeportWeb, Inc.>
<address 66 Freeport St. Boston, MA.02122, <USc>>
<phone   +1-617-282-8593>
<email   gary@freeportweb.com>
<URL     "http://www.freeportweb.com";>

<name    Erich Kolb>
<company KolbSoft Technologies>
<address 201 E. Cook st. #516, Libertyville, IL, <USc>>
<phone   +1-847-816-7590>
<email   info@kolbsoft.com>
<URL     "http://www.kolbsoft.com";>

<name    Matt L. Downer>
<company Hawkridge Technologies, Corporation>
<address 570 Hawk Ridge Road, Boulder Creek, CA 95006, <USc>>
<phone   +1-408-399-5113>
<fax	 +1-408-395-6467>
<email    Info@HawkridgeTech.com>
<URL     "http://www.HawkridgeTech.com/";>

<name	 Matt Mackall>
<company Selenic Consulting>
<address Minneapolis, MN, <USc>>
<phone	 612-813-0666>
<fax	 612-879-0547>
<email	 consulting@selenic.com>
<URL	 "http://selenic.com";>

<name	 Karl Gustave Pe&ntilde;a>
<company GNU/Linux Consultant (multilingual)>
<address Maryland, serving MD / VA / DC-METRO / NY / <USc>>
<email	 karl@tux.org>
<URL	 "http://www.tux.org/~karl/techresume.html";>

<name	 dave hecker>
<company RevMedia, Inc.>
<address 1223 wilshire blvd #1016 santa monica CA 90403 <USc>>
<phone	 310 388 5621>
<fax	 310 388 5621>
<email	 dhecker@revmedia.com>
<URL	 "http://www.revmedia.com/";>

<company ALTOROS>
<address 5600 W Mariner St, Suite 118, Tampa, FL, 33609 <USc>>
<phone	 813-731-3010>
<fax	 413-513-2868>
<email	 info@altoros.com>
<URL	 "http://www.altoros.com/";>

<name	 Matt Kraai>
<address Upland, California, <USc>>
<email	 kraai@ftbfs.org>

<name	 James Park>
<company Constant Time Software, Inc.>
<address Watertown, MA, <USc>>
<email	 info@constanttime.com>
<URL	 "http://dynamicdns.constanttime.com/";>

<name	 Mark Woodward>
<company Mohawk Software>
<address Milton, MA, <USc>>
<email	 info@mohawksoft.com>
<URL	 "http://www.mohawksoft.com/";>

<name	 rodrick smith>
<company Blue Orb>
<address 508 south belnord ave.
	 baltimore maryland 21224>
<phone	 301-467-8183>
<email	 info@the-blue-orb.com>
<URL	 "http://www.the-blue-orb.com/";>

<name	 Jeremy T. Bouse>
<company UnderGrid Network Services, LLC>
<address San Jose, CA>
<address Stone Mountain, GA>
<phone	 (408) 375-2344>
<email	 Jeremy.Bouse@UnderGrid.net>

<name	 R. Cory Wright>
<company Stand Blue Technology>
<address Southern Virginia.>
<phone	 434-298-1036>
<email	 solutions@standblue.net>
<URL	 "http://www.standblue.net/";>

<name	 Tyler Weaver>
<company Liquidx2>
<address Dayton, Ohio, <USc>>
<phone	 +1-937-667-4336>
<email	 tylerw@liquidx2.com>
<URL	 "http://www.liquidx2.com/";>

<name	 Eric Nichols>
<company CounselTech>
<address 1242 W. Locust St., Stayton, Oregon, 97383, <USc>>
<phone	 +1-503-769-9978>
<email	 counseleric@aol.com>
<URL	 "http://www.alephent.com/counseltech/";>

<name	 Sean Bergeron>
<company 757 Technologies>
<address 207 Expressway Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23462, <USc>>
<phone	 +1-757-233-9460>
<fax	 +1-757-233-9459>
<email	 sean@757tech.net>
<URL	 "http://www.757tech.net/";>

<company LinuxCertified, Inc.>
<address 1072 S. De Anza Blvd., Suite A107-19 San Jose, CA 95129, <USc>>
<phone	 408 314 6700>
<fax	 425 732 7143>
<email	 info@linuxcertified.com>
<URL	 "http://www.linuxcertified.com/";>

<name	 Adam Graham>
<company Erin Bay Associates, LLC.>
<address Miami, FL., <USc>>
<phone	 305-956-7953>
<email	 service@erinbay.com>
<URL	 "http://www.erinbay.com/";>

<name	 Nick Kukuczka>
<company ORBIT Technologies, Inc.>
<address 14838 289th Ave, Minneapolis MN 55398, <USc>>
<phone	 1-763-633-0699>
<fax	 1-763-633-0699>
<email	 info@orbittechnologies.com>
<URL	 "http://www.orbittechnologies.com/";>

<name	 Alan Wendt, PhD>
<address 1517 N Wilmot #306, Tucson, Arizona 85712, <USc>>
<phone	 520-907-7640>
<email	 alanw@cybertrails.com>
<URL	 "http://www.cybertrails.com/~alanw/";>

<name	 Chris Shank>
<company ACE Technology Group>
<address Whiteland Business Park, 825 Springdale Drive, Exton, PA 19341, <USc>>
<phone	 (610) 647-1055>
<fax	 (610) 647-1055>
<email	 info@acetechgroup.com>
<URL	 "http://acetechgroup.com/";>

<name	 Akbar S. Ahmed>
<company Delixus, Inc.>
<address 1160 Ridgemont Place, Concord, CA 94521, <USc>>
<phone	 925-672-2623>
<fax	 925-673-1618>
<email	 info@delixus.com>
<URL	 "http://www.delixus.com/";>

<name	 Patrick Murphy>
<company UnifiedFieldTechnologies.NET>
<address P.O. Box 3691, Oakton, VA 22124-9691, <USc>>
<phone	 703.861.8294>
<fax	 703.852.7929>
<email	 webmaster@unifiedfieldtechnologies.net>
<URL	 "http://www.unifiedfieldtechnologies.net/";>

<name	 Hem Ramachandran>
<company Marlabs Inc.>
<address 12174 N. Mopac Expressway Suite C, <USc>>
<phone	 512-83.7-7400 x 11(office) 512-970-6336(cell)>
<fax	 512-837-7500>
<email	 hem@marlabs.com>
<URL	 "http://www.marlabs.com/";>

<name	 Robert Kohler>
<company The iSpark Group>
<address 6737 Brentwood Stair Rd. Suite 210, <USc>>
<phone	 817-446-7776>
<fax	 817-446-7773>
<email	 info@theisparkgroup.com>
<URL	 "http://www.billmax.com/";>
<URL	 "http://theisparkgroup.com/";>


<name	 Salvador Sosa>
<company Corporaci&oacute;n Sosa &amp; Sosa C.A.>
<address El Paraiso. Caracas, <VEc>>
<phone	 +58 416 6312265>
<phone	 + 58 416 4839383>
<fax	 +58 212 4839383>
<email	 soporte@corporacionsosa.com>
<URL	 "http://www.corporacionsosa.com/";>


<name    Russell Coker>
<company Coker Software>
<address Somewhere on Earth>
<phone   +31-2343-2056>
<email   russell@coker.com.au>
<URL     "http://www.coker.com.au/";>

<name    Aaron Dewell>
<company Woods Networking Consultants>
<address Anywhere, currently Anchorage, AK, <USc>>
<phone   +1-907-230-0199>
<email   info@woods.net>
<URL     "http://www.woods.net/";>

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