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Re: Is RFP useful anymore?

* Lars Wirzenius <liw@iki.fi> [2005-06-28 10:18]:
> The WNPP page[1] lists about a thousand requests for packages. Do these
> RFP bugs serve any purpose these days? We have freshmeat, gnomefiles,
> and other places where to look for new stuff to package. 

Yes but e.g. freshmeat isn't a real alternative to an rfp. I
mean there is no possibility for people to show what
software they want to see in a distribution. In my opinion
it is a completly different thing. Many people are using it
so it isn't obsolete. But as Martin said there are things
that can be improved. And I think to drop RFP entries after
a specified period of time would be a good solution.

I think the same could be done with ITP's. There are alot of
ITP's open which will never get packaged. Especially those
ITP's for which the maintainer found no sponsor. Most of
them are never closed!

For this there should be a technic to close them
Regards Nico
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