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Re: Is RFP useful anymore?

Hello Lars,

* Lars Wirzenius <liw@iki.fi> [2005-06-28 10:18]:
> The WNPP page[1] lists about a thousand requests for packages. Do these
> RFP bugs serve any purpose these days? We have freshmeat, gnomefiles,
> and other places where to look for new stuff to package. 
> The average age of requests on that page about 200 days, median is over
> 600. If no-one has reacted to a request in a year, what's the likelyhood
> that they will do so ever? Having loads of RFP bugs doesn't really help
> anyone and it makes the WNPP pages unnecessarily long.
> I would like to suggest that we at least close RFP bugs older than 365
> days. I couldn't think of an easy way to find numbers on how many RFP
> bugs get retitled to ITP, so I won't suggest we stop using RFPs at all.
> Does anyone oppose the 365 day maximum age for RFP bugs?

I talked about this a while ago on debian-devel. My idea was
to drop the rfp's also itp's etc. after let's say a year.
regards nico
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