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Re: Branden's mail policies

On Sun, 19 Jun 2005 11:02:26 +0100, Simon Huggins <huggie@earth.li> said: 

> Sure, not with his maintainer hat on, not with his personal hat on,
> but when you're in a role and posting from a role address I believe
> that occasional jumping through hoops may be required.

        I don't.  People in role addresses are already serving the
 public good far more than bystanders, and more than ordinary
 developers, they are _already_ giving more than enough. If people use
 idiotic schemes to drop mail, they they are the ones responsible for
 false positives. They ought to fix their email setup (surely a
 necesity in this day and age). I am sure there are ISP's around that
 provide  a real SMTP service.

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