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Re: Discussion of bug #311683, default kde install shows porn

MJ Ray wrote:
> R. Armiento wrote:
>>  4. Start kde control-center and select 'random screensaver'
>>     (not default)
> Would you like a label on that "random screensaver" option which
> says "Warning: may do things you don't expect"?
> Have you read "Don't eat this book"? Have you had sneaker mints?

No, I haven't, but I suppose your are making a point about unnecessary

As an alternative, I present to you this highly on-topic excerpt from
Monty Python's "The Crunchy Frog Sketch":
Setting: A police inspector talks to the owner of Whizzo Chocolate
Company, discussing his different interesting sweets...

[Inspector]: What's this one, 'spring surprise'?

[Owner]: Ah - now, that's our speciality - covered with darkest creamy
chocolate. When you pop it in your mouth, steel bolts spring out and
plunge straight through both cheeks.
(reference: http://orangecow.org/pythonet/sketches/crunchy.htm )

But, no, I do not want "random screensaver" to come with a warning. If
you read the bug report linked in the first post in this thread you see
how I suggest that the long-term solution is to move WebCollage to a
package xscreensaver-off; just like how there are a fortune-off package
for potentially offensive fortunes. This is a "future-proof" solution in
that Debian later can add new offensive screensavers of say, religious
or political kind, without the current problem reappearing. This would
be a suitable package for future screensavers that makes fun of
political leaders or cite bible-verses, etc.

A simpler but not as "long-term" solution would be to add a
configuration option to WebCollage "Use random images from Internet",
and let this option be unselected by default. For the unselected state,
WebCollage could use just a few selected non-offensive images
distributed along with the screensaver.


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