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Re: ftp.nz.debian.org inaccessible from NZ internet

On Thu, 2005-06-02 at 23:48 +0100, MJ Ray wrote:
> I'm not sure how debian should react to this. I'll send this to
> debian-project, as it's not really a technical problem. Should
> we react to the complaint in bug 296807, or encourage this
> "public good" offered by WIX by keeping citylink as ftp.nz?

As a NZ Network "geek" , Debian user and a prospective Debian developer
I have a few comments on this matter. 

As you mentioned it's a fairly complex problem and there isn't a simple
answer however my understanding is that the current ftp.nz.debian.org
mirror provided by Citylink meets the requirements for an official
primary country mirror listed at http://www.debian.org/mirror/official

It's also worth pointing out that since the original bug report was
filed Citylink appear to have taken steps to increase the availability
of ftp.nz.debian.org by making it available via anycast at both the APE
and WIX peering points. Together these two peering points have
connectivity to all of the major network operators in New Zealand. To my
mind this demonstrates that Citylink is doing their best to support NZ
Debian users.

The problem is that the two largest Telco's in the country (which have
connections at both APE and WIX and could access the mirror) choose not
to peer meaning that content such as the debian mirror is not available
to their customers. 

Given that the mirror operator (Citylink) is making the content
available to 99% of the NZ Internet it seems that it would be
unreasonable for the Debian project to require any more of them. It's
not their fault that certain ISPs choose to try and access the content
Internationally instead of locally. The correct solution to this problem
is for users who are unable to access the mirror to complain to their
ISP that they are blocking access to national content. 

It is an annoying situation, and it affects me daily as my work is a
client of one of the two Telco's metioned, but I still firmly believe
that the problem lies with the Telco's rather than with the mirror



Matt Brown
Mob +64 275 611 544 www.mattb.net.nz

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