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Re: Bug#296807: ftp.nz.debian.org inaccessible from NZ internet

Matt Brown <matt@mattb.net.nz> wrote: [...]
> As you mentioned it's a fairly complex problem and there isn't a simple
> answer however my understanding is that the current ftp.nz.debian.org
> mirror provided by Citylink meets the requirements for an official
> primary country mirror listed at http://www.debian.org/mirror/official

Does it?  Those requirements include:
# It must have a decent connectivity (relative to the respective
country). [...]

I don't know NZ enough to comment whether it is "decent".
Thanks for contributing your local knowledge.

> Given that the mirror operator (Citylink) is making the content
> available to 99% of the NZ Internet it seems that it would be
> unreasonable for the Debian project to require any more of them.

You write "99% of the NZ Internet", but the bug report says
"ftp.nz.debian.org is no longer accessible to the majority of
NZ internet users" which says to me either it's available to
<50% or the bug report is now inaccurate. Is there a
reference about how many are affected?

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