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Re: agenda for Debian leadership team (a.k.a. "Project Scud") meeting on 2005-04-24

Pierre Habouzit <pierre.habouzit@m4x.org> wrote:
> the point is, a DPL as a single person, may have "confidential" meetings 
> with himself, and nobody bothers. But when it's a group of person ... 
> whoa ... that's now a big deal !

Bdale publically claimed at LCA that he has been asked for and provided
advice to every DPL since Ian Jackson (I think that's the one). I'm sure
he's not the only one to have provided advice to a DPL over the years,
as only a fool makes decisions in isolation. Has anyone seen minutes,
transcripts or logs for any of those meetings, or feel that they need to
see them? I see no difference here except that Project Scud are being
forthright about whose advice is already being considered.

The DPL has personal responsibility, regardless of what group of people
come up with the advice. Let him decide who he trusts, ask for rationale
for decisions if you wish. If you don't like the decisions he makes,
vote for someone else next time. If you *really* don't like them, GR.
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