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Re: Poll results: User views on the FDL issue

Olive wrote:

The preamble of the GPL is totally similar to an invariant section: it express political opnion (and nothing or few about the licence itself) and cannot be changed nor removed. The advertising close of the old BSD license is free (by rule nr 10 of the social contract) and cannot be modified nor removed.

Exacty right, that really hits the nail on the head.

I admit that some other people might have different opinions as me, but I would be happy to see what they answer to my arguments.

I can guess. It's too bad the poll didn't include some questions about the GPL to allow any kind of corrolations between views on the two licenses.

There is a strong undercurrent in the free software movement, including the anti-GPL crowd, that resists all restrictions and labels them as non-free. Unfortunately, these same people seem not to reject the "IP" law which the GPL helps to counterbalance. (By using "IP" law against itself, the GPL cancels out some of its more sinister effects.)

Invariant sections are perfect example of a restriction that enhances the rights of the author (copyright holder) at the expense of the end user, but does so in a way that promotes sharing of information as opposed to "hoarding." I don't see much difference in principle between that and some of the effects of the GPL, so I don't see how you can call the FDL "non-free" without some degree of antipathy towards the GPL (and the FSF philosophy in general).

Personally I suspect that a lot of coders with too much time on their hands should get back to releasing sarge, and let the OSI take care of the politics.

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