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Re: Poll results: User views on the FDL issue

Marty writes:

> Invariant sections are perfect example of a restriction that enhances
> the rights of the author (copyright holder) at the expense of the end
> user, but does so in a way that promotes sharing of information as
> opposed to "hoarding."

This is a rather curious contention.  How do invariant sections (by
themselves) promote sharing of information?  The FSF largely uses them
to preach free software, but others might use them to preach a
disagreeable agenda, or one that is illegal to promote in certain
jurisdictions.  Users in those jurisdictions would be limited in how
they can use or distribute the work, simply because the author
injected a diatribe that does not pertain to the main body of the

It is rather short-sighted to encourage a significant limitation in
freedom because no author has yet abused that limitation.

Michael Poole

[1]- To a first approximation, under the GFDL, invariant sections must
be "off-topic" for the work as a whole.

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