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Re: How to be debian developer

* Christoph Berg <cb@df7cb.de> [2005-03-15 14:12]:
> The baseline is: you don't ask for participating, you just do it by
> getting involded in the areas you are interested in.

What you say is basically true.  However, many Asian countries are
very new to free software ("open source") development and don't have
an established development community yet.  While they can read the
documention we supply (which is fairly thorough and well done), it
also helps to have a direct contact person who can answer questions
and to organize practical sessions introducing interested people to
ways of contributing to Debian.

I've talked to people from various Asian countries at the conference
in Beijing who were interested in establishing a development community
and I offered to give them some help.

This is just FYI.  Your reply(s) were helpful already, and I
appreciate them.  In many cases, people don't get good pointers on how
to start.
Martin Michlmayr

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