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How to be debian developer

Dear Sir or Madam,
Last month, i have attended Debian Mini Conference in Beijing. The project manager, Mr. Martin, mentioned about helping Debian. Cambodia is new to Open Source. I am very interesting in this and some of my students want to be debian developer. Can you tell me how can we start on this? For the other suggestions, I would like to ask you to send all manual documents, CDs related to debian because in my organisation, we already setted up a room for Free/Open Source Software.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
Rapid Sun
Mr. Rapid Sun
FOSS Moderator/ Focal Point
National ICT Development Authority
Tel: +855-16-868984
Fax: +855-23-428952
Email: rapid_sun@nida.gov.kh
Website: www.nida.gov.kh

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