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Release team meeting in Vancouver, CA (4-6 Mar 2005)

Hi all,

Since facts are better than rumours, and there seems to be a bit of buzz
about the goings-on, this is just a quick mail to let people know about
an upcoming Debian-related gathering.

Andreas Schuldei has helpfully secured sponsorship from NUUGF to bring
the release team together with several ftpmasters, buildd maintainers,
and a few other stakeholders in the release process for a physical
meeting to work out whatever needs to be worked out to get sarge out the
door, and to begin preparations for a timely release of etch.  The
preparations have been made without much fanfare, but it's not being
kept a secret if you happen to be hanging around the right IRC haunts;
we're just heavily focused on the logistics of the gathering just yet,
so telling the rest of the project about it has been a lower priority.

More (much more) information will be available after the weekend, when
we'll be able to present our Stunning New Release Strategy <tm> to the
rest of the project.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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