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Re: Debian release strategy

Em Qui, 2005-03-03 às 16:40, Matthew Garrett escreveu:
> I think it would be helpful if (in future) the release team would
> communicate their list of release criteria well in advance of their
> estimated time of release.

Well, in a perfect world, we would have the release criteria for etch
before sarge release. I mean, in this way the maintainers would know
what to do *just after* the release and which things would have to wait
for the release after that.

Using the same init example, if we coordinates in a way Debian decides
that the boot process would be localized only in etch+1, we would avoid
the RC bugs created by that change in etch and could release etch

This type of coordination would allow all the maintainers to know that
in etch+1 this change would occour and antecipate the bug-fixes.

> Having some idea of what needs to be done
> before a release will even be considered would make it easier to
> maintain motivation - there's been various times during the past 18
> months or so where people have voiced incredulity at the idea of us
> performing a release at any point in the near future, and that makes it
> significantly harder to concentrate on working towards that release.

I was one of this voices for the woody release (before I notice that it
wouldn't make any change:)

P.S.: There is some considerations that the componentized linux can
bring, like creating apt repositories for groups of packages that are
harder to release (like XFree86) in a way the Debian "core" archives
could choose to use version A or B for the unstable distribution
(planning the next release), but this is another topic that I will (at
some time) send a message about.


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