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Re: Roles and responsibilities of the FTPmaster team.

Helen Faulkner wrote:
> Matthew Garrett wrote:
> >Last year, the DPL asked me to look into writing descriptions of what
> >various teams in Debian were responsible for, and what their day to day
> >activity involved. I performed some interviews at the time, and then
> >promptly failed to get around to writing them up. The current discussion
> >has prompted me to finish off the writeup of the ftpmaster document, and
> >I intend to produce some more in the near future.
> >
> >The roles and responsibilities of the ftpmaster team
> >----------------------------------------------------
> [...]
> Thanks for writing that down Matthew.
> As a relative newcomer to Debian it is great to see a more detailed 
> description of what the ftpmasters do than I have previously come 
> across.  It also answers a couple of questions I had about the NEW 
> queue, which is helpful :)
> Will that document be put on the web anywhere?  It would be good to know 
> where to refer people who are asking about this stuff in the future.

That was my thought as well.  I wonder if it would be useful to add
such descriptions (especially if Matthew will continue with these)
would be good to be placed on www.debian.org/devel/ somewhere under
"Teams" or something?



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