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Re: Roles and responsibilities of the FTPmaster team.

Matthew Garrett wrote:
Last year, the DPL asked me to look into writing descriptions of what
various teams in Debian were responsible for, and what their day to day
activity involved. I performed some interviews at the time, and then
promptly failed to get around to writing them up. The current discussion
has prompted me to finish off the writeup of the ftpmaster document, and
I intend to produce some more in the near future.

The roles and responsibilities of the ftpmaster team

Thanks for writing that down Matthew.

As a relative newcomer to Debian it is great to see a more detailed description of what the ftpmasters do than I have previously come across. It also answers a couple of questions I had about the NEW queue, which is helpful :)

Will that document be put on the web anywhere? It would be good to know where to refer people who are asking about this stuff in the future.


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