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Bug#292330: Proposal: mark broken software

It's a fact that some programs don't work in UTF-8 locales, and never will. 
Also I think you agree that removing such programs from Debian isn't an 
option because it would hurt non-UTF-8 users.

However, my point is that just changing the default locale encoding without 
additional steps is also a bad thing: a user is silently allowed to install 
no-longer-working software.

Hereby I propose to solve this problem by creating a new dummy package called 
"utf8" that just conflicts with software broken in UTF-8 locales. Also the 
"locales" package should tell the user that the "utf8" package exists.

The solution above is, however, highly suboptimal. If you know any way to set 
up things so that I don't even _see_ broken software as available in kpackage 
or other apt frontends, please share your thoughts.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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