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Bug#292330: Proposal: mark broken software

On Wed, 16 Feb 2005, Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> Hereby I propose to solve this problem by creating a new dummy package called 
> "utf8" that just conflicts with software broken in UTF-8 locales. Also the 
> "locales" package should tell the user that the "utf8" package exists.

Or package tags.  But your idea is workable, it is just that it ain't
anywhere close to nice to maintain (as the "task packages" proved).

> The solution above is, however, highly suboptimal. If you know any way to set 
> up things so that I don't even _see_ broken software as available in kpackage 
> or other apt frontends, please share your thoughts.

You can probably work with package tags to do so after some configuration to
tag-based aptitude, I think.  As long as that config ain't the default,
there is no problem.

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