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New Maintainers

This is a summary of the AM report for Week Ending 13 Feb 2005.
5 applicants became maintainers.

Peter De Schrijver <p2>

  I have been using linux since the early 90's. I'm a free embedded software
  developer for a living. I mainly work on kernel ports to new platforms,
  device drivers and firmware. I own and use most of the architectures which
  are in debian. I intend to work mainly on porting issues within Debian. I
  also have strong interest in networking. Amongst the packages I maintain are
  atm-tools, coriander and openwince-jtag.

Philipp Kern <pkern>

  Using Linux since 1999 I stumbled quite soon over Debian. I brought
  myself a box and was quickly addicted of its package management which
  appeared a lot more experienced than the others around like RPM.  I
  used it on my desktop box and began to dig into the internas of the
  packages and -- as I had a lot of spare time -- tried to package some
  for fun.  Today I'm skilled with scripting languages like Ruby, PHP,
  Python & sh just as with the more real programming languages like
  LISP (mainly Scheme), C and a bit of Java.  I hope that the Debian
  project could benefit of the young enthusiasm I would bring in.

Jose M. Moya <josem>

  I work as a research assistant at the Technical University of Madrid,
  where I am involved in several research and industrial projects based on
  free software.  My main interests include embedded systems development,
  and hardware-software codesign.  Of course, we use Debian on most of our
  machines.  I also installed and partly maintain the firewall, mail
  servers, spam filters, and DNS servers for the Department of Electronic
  Engineering (all of them Debian-based machines).

  What I intend to do for Debian is mainly (at least initially) package
  management.  I intend to maintain some packages that are useful for us
  and are probably useful for others.

  As I get more confident with the Debian internals and procedures I would
  also like to help in debugging and testing, and infraestructure tasks.

  My first GNU/Linux system was a SLS distribution with Linux 0.99pl15
  (1992? 1993?).  Then I discovered the GNU project and the GNU
  Manifesto.  Since then, I am an energetic advocate of software freedom.

  I have contributed to the GNU Hurd project (I worked for 3 months at
  Cambridge under the supervision of RMS) and some minor patches to the
  GNU libc.

  For my PhD thesis I built a hardware-software compiler based on GCC.

Thomas Schmidt <tschmidt>

   I am 23 years old, living near Erfurt, Germany and i study computer
   science at the Tecnical University of Ilmenau. My first contact with
   computers was in 1991 with a C64, i got my first PC in 1996 and in
   late 1998 a schoolfriend told me about Linux and free software. Since
   that time i was very interested in the idea of free software, but my
   first own experiences with Linux (an evaluation version of SuSE 6.1)
   were not very successful. In late 1999 i started a second attempt to
   use Linux on one of my computers as OS for a gameserver. Since then i
   was using Linux regularly on my computers, and in early 2001 i had my
   first contact with Debian. As soon as i realized the various advantages
   (mainly the impressive package-managment) of Debian i did not want to
   use anything else.

   In summer 2002 i started to make Debian-Packages for the
   developerversion of vdr, the Video Disk Recorder -
   http://www.cadsoft.de/people/kls/vdr/ , but i did not try to get
   these packages in the official archive. In late 2003 Andreas Mller
   took over maintainership of the orphaned vdr and he took my packages,
   since the i am in contact with him and i helped him fixing some bugs.

   In april this year i started the pkg-vdr-dvb-project on alioth to
   be able to improve the packages in a team, and at the moment we are
   adding most of the features of c't-vdr (a special Debian-based
   Distribution for vdr from the german c't-magazine) back to the
   official vdr-packages.

   In the moment my focus is the further improvement of the vdr and
   vdr-related packages in Debian, but i plan also to help in other parts
   of Debian, as far as my time allows.

S. Zachariah Sprackett <zacs>

  Zac Sprackett has been involved with Linux professionally for many
  years.  He was a software engineer at Corel Computer Corp. where he
  worked on the NetWinder and cofounded netwinder.org.  Following his
  time at Corel he went to work at VA Linux Systems where he was a
  lead engineer and designer on the VA Cluster Manager (VACM).  Zac is
  currently employed by Mitel where he specializes in SIP and other
  VoIP based products.

Martin Michlmayr

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