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New Maintainers

This is a summary of the AM report for Week Ending 6 Feb 2005.
6 applicants became maintainers.

Dave Beckett <dajobe>

   "I am a developer primarily working on semantic web standards and
   software development with lots of experience in portability,
   packaging, auto* tools and developing across higher-level languages
   (C and perl, python, ruby, tcl, java, php, C#).  I am a strong
   supporter of open standards for the web and internet, which to me
   means royalty-free and have promoted and developed these in many=20
   places.  I hope to apply my experience across languages and
   architectures to packaging and my background in openness and freedom
   to the project in the large."

Peter Eisentraut <petere>

   "My involvement in free software started in 1999 when I worked as a
   software developer and database administrator for an ISP who was
   basing its entire IT infrastructure on "Linux".  I had to scratch
   the proverbial itch several times and stuck around the PostgreSQL
   development team ever since.  From there work branched off into
   several other projects, such as GNU Autoconf, GNU Libtool, and the
   DocBook DSSSL stylesheets.  From the very beginning a large part of
   my work was in build systems, configuration interfaces, general
   user-friendliness, documentation, later also internationalization
   work.  Therefore I worked a lot with packagers and got to know
   various operating system philosophies.

   I started using Debian more extensively about a year ago, both
   personally and at work.  After a period of (BTS-)bugging people I
   am now attempting to be more constructive by maintaining a few
   packages that I was missing or that need help.  I am also trying to
   raise awareness outside of Debian about issues such as free Java or
   bogus handcrafted licenses.

   I use free software because it allows me and my customers to keep
   control over their computer, it fosters cooperation and learning,
   and ultimately leads to better systems.  Debian is the most viable
   project that provides me with a fully free operating system and an
   open community.

   During the day hours I work for credativ GmbH, whom you know as a
   Debian Development Partner.  Additionally, I work towards a
   Master's degree in Software Systems Engineering at RWTH Aachen."

Mike Hommey <glandium>

   "So, i'm near 25 years old, french (even if my name doesn't look french) and my
   first contact with a computer was in 1984, when my father sat me in front of
   an Oric Atmos. Because the computer was really expensive and the games too, i
   had to program my own (little) games in Basic :-p. That definitely introduced
   me to the world of computing :-p
   My first contact with Debian GNU/Linux was on a friend's Atari Falcon machine,
   and the main thing i remember from that experience is the really impressive
   debian packaging system, far beyond rpm. I can't remember which Debian
   release it was, but it must have been a 1.x.
   My first Debian GNU/Linux install was a slink, in late 1999, when a collegue
   told me to try it. Since then, I use Debian GNU/Linux on a daily basis at
   work, and finally dropped Windows for desktop at home about a year and a half

Andrew Mitchell <ajmitch>

   I am a 22-year-old computer science student studying at University of
   Otago, New Zealand. My initial exposure to free software came through
   using GNU/Linux starting in 1998 with Mandrake, and then Debian from
   late 2000 onwards. After discovering the freedom offered in such
   systems I started to get involved in free software projects, such as
   GNU Enterprise, and DotGNU. I wish to join Debian in order to help build
   a free software community & distribution, giving back some of the time &
   effort I've saved by using such software.

Anibal Monsalve Salazar <anibal>
   I started as a user of free software with GNU/Linux 0.95 back in 1992
   and as a Debian user since 1996 with Debian 1.1 (Buzz). I have used
   Debian both at work and at home for many years.
   I fully agree and advocate both the DFSG and the Debian Social Contract.
   I've been working as systems programmer for more than 15 years and at
   the moment I'm a staff memeber of the IT Services Division
   (http://www.its.monash.edu.au/) of Monash University, the largest
   university in Australia.
   I'm also completing a masters degree in Digital Communications at the
   same university.
   I would like to work for debian maintaining my packages, helping others
   as a mentor and improving both the security and quality of debian.

Thomas Viehmann <tviehmann>

   I learned to program at about the same time I learned to read and
   write. After school I enrolled for the computer science program at
   the University of Bonn (Germany). Over the time I realized to prefer
   math, an completed a degree (Diplom) in mathematics. I'm currently
   studying for a Ph.D. in geometric analysis. I speak German, English,
   French, and some Spanish, but have not been in any Spanish-speaking
   countries yet.
   Software stuff:
   Programming has been a hobby for quite a while. I used to run a BBS
   system (in fido net), I guess the idea of sharing information is
   somewhat natural to me. I sold computers and taught programming
   classes while in high school and college, now that I have the
   opportunity to do math for a living, programming is again a hobby.
   My first GNU/Linux had been on a cd by Yggdrasil. Over the years,
   I have come to value free software for its quality and the
   opportunity to adapt it to my needs. I have the annoying habit of
   wasting my time to fix shortcomings I see when working around them
   would be much simpler.
   I have been using Debian for about five years (at the time of
   writing, February 2004). Eventually, I found a lack of home banking
   software and decided to fill that gap. Later on, I started helping
   out with dput when Christian Kurz looked for comaintainers one year
   ago. More recently, I adopted phpgroupware which I use and which
   needed help.
   So basically, I try to make Debian more useful to me and help out
   when I have something useful to contribute.
   In my opinion, volunteers basically contribute time, skill, and
   experience. Debian seems to be a project where I can contribute
   without having the great welth of experience of life required for
   other projects.   
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