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Re: Debian Free Documentation Guidelines was: License of oldGNUEmacsmanual

* Gunnar Wolf:

>> No, Debian distributes source and binaries on the same (virtual)
>> medium.  This is different from handing over a physical object with
>> the "binary" and providing a URL for some resource on the Internet.
> So... If I hand over a Debian CD to someone, will I be breaching the
> law as I am giving him only the binaries, even if they have a very
> easy way of getting the sources?

It's generally believed that it's sufficient to offer a source code CD
at the same time you give away the CD with binaries, as long as you
are prepared to fulfill this offer.

> Or, if we talk about other distributions (which _are_ usually
> distributed via CDs), do they breach the GPL?

All distributions I bought so far had source code on the same CD, or
came with separate source code CDs.

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