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Re: Debian Free Documentation Guidelines was: License of old GNUEmacsmanual

Florian Weimer dijo [Wed, Jan 05, 2005 at 07:14:55PM +0100]:
> > Well... Remember the GPL does not require you to provide the sources
> > _together_ with the binary/printout/whatever - It requires you to
> > provide means to get the sources. So if you print a book that [...]
> > has the URL for the place you can refer to in order to get the
> > source, it will be enough. That does not sound like 'unnecessarily
> > complicated'.
> This is an unusual GPL interpretation.  Most commentators assume that
> providing a *separate* URL is *not* enough.

That's exactly what Debian does, isn't it? I know that if I want to
get the sources of a Debian package, I have to ask apt-get for
it. What apt-get does is to look for the URL for the source package in
/var/lib/apt/lists and fetch it. Of course, I can do that by myself as
well - And, as it is very hard to include an application that can do
precisely that in a printed book, the closest you can get is to say
"you can get the sources for this boot at http://whatever/ or by
writing to my snail-mail address, which is this and that".


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