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Re: Hey!

On 2005-01-02 05:40:01 +0100 KEG <kriern@bresnan.net> wrote:

Sorry to be a pain but...
I had done some reading about Debian and decided it sounded like my best bet for switching from Windows to Linux.
Which I would very much like to do by the way!
However, after messing around with "Jigdo" for I while and getting nowhere, I guess I'll have to look else where for another OS that someone as stupid as me can figure out how to get! Ha! The problem seems to be that I don't understand how to get the URL to put into "Jigdo" to download anything. What URL? I click through the pages and get to.....????? How about an ISO? Just a thought! Also, I don't feel certain I understand what Image I should even be getting the URL for.

Many of us Windows user could use a little more step by step help in our journey to enlightenment. Maybe the learning curve for downloading this is worse than learning a New OS?

Anyway, I agree with the whole Open Source Idea and would love to try Debian but if you wish to attract new people (assuming you do) you may have to make it easier for us "Windows People" to get our hands on it. I can copy a URL but I don't seem to understand Which URL I should be looking for...Maybe Windows has hurt my brain!
Thanks for your time,

I don't know exacly what you want. If
a) you have a fast permanent conection to the internet, get a sarge
netinst cd. download as you install.
b) you have a LOT of bandwidth, but only right now, get a full CD set.
That gives you a lot of flexibility.
c) you don't have that much bandwidth, and only right now, use jigdo.
I can't help you there.
d) you actually don't have access to the internet, buy a full cd od
dvd set from somewhere. in Germany, there are people who sell sets
with 12 cds or 2 dvds for about 15 euros.
e) you're a bloody newbee and want it as easy as possible for the
moment, try something like ubuntu. Since ubuntu was basically debian,
the switch later will be easy (I think.) But, the debian-installer
makes it very easy, actually.

Thomas Jollans

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