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Re: Need a translated Chinese name for Debian (UTF-8 mail)

martin f krafft dijo [Tue, Dec 21, 2004 at 10:51:31AM +0100]:
> also sprach yanzg <yzg_hello@263.net> [2004.12.21.1030 +0100]:
> > related to the original word. Maybe  there has been  already a selected 
> > Chinese name? If not, I think that collecting a name is a good try.
> Can you make something useful from "DebraIan" ?

...I must say (although this would belong in -curiosa :) ) that
"debrayan" in Mexican Spanish would be quite valid: "Debraye" is +- a
crazy idea. When many people "debrayan", they share the craziness of
the idea, talk about it - more or less the same we do all the time.


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