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Need a translated Chinese name for Debian (UTF-8 mail)

Dear Mr. Debian,
I am one of the Chinese users of Debian GNU/Linux. Debian is more and more popular here for its facile apt-system and wide-spread mirrors. I would like to introduce this system to more of my friends. However, one problem is here. The word "Debian" sounds not very good in Chinese. The most easily recalled sound is very like "dah-bian" which means "shit" in Chinese. Surely, Chinese people would like to have good names for good things, and I think everyone does. Thus, avoiding this "connotation" should be of significant importance for Debian promotion. Since I do not see the reason and possibility to change the word "Debian" itself, the only suggestion is to give it a translated Chinese name. In my opinion, to choose a good name is not only an important thing, but not very simple or easy as well. The best translated Chinese name should bear both the similar sound and the similar meaning and the second-class translated names should have at least sound and meaning related to the original word. Maybe there has been already a selected Chinese name? If not, I think that collecting a name is a good try. In addition, I should give my suggest. "D系统" (D-System) may be my vote. Telling a joke, I see that "得编" (dei-bian) has the best sound with Debian, and a meaning best with Gentoo (means Requiring Complilation).
                                                     Yours, sincerely

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