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Re: Google ads on debian.org

To perhaps see what Google adwords might produce for the Debian website
you could look at one of my pages [1].  The ironic thiing is the Debian
package adzapper seems to nuke them so I cannot see for myself at the 
moment what it is showing :)

It sounds like making it a commercial site will be a problem at the
least for our mirrors so my say is "no thanks Mr Google".

I have my site hosted on my server at work so no problems for me, I
might even get a cheque for 100 real dollars before easter. :)
  - Craig

[1] http://small.dropbear.id.au/debian.html

Craig Small      GnuPG:1C1B D893 1418 2AF4 45EE  95CB C76C E5AC 12CA DFA5
Eye-Net Consulting http://www.enc.com.au/   MIEE         Debian developer
csmall at : enc.com.au                      ieee.org           debian.org

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