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RE: Google ads on debian.org

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From: Joey Hess
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Sent: 12/14/04 7:42 PM
Subject: Re: Google ads on debian.org

Stephen Frost wrote:
>> I agree w/ tbm, I don't see the issues as all that problematic.  I
>> it disappointing, but not exactly suprising, that alot of the project
>> members disagree outright at the very notion.  Not very open-minded,
>> my view. :)

>I'm sorry that I've already made up my mind about web-based advertising,
>but well, it's been in my face for something like 8 years; how could I
>*not* have thought about it and conclusions by now?

But it wouldn't have to be in your face, of course there would be ad-free
mirrors as pointed out. Thinking about it perhaps we should make the ad-free
mirrors subscription based to beef-up the revenue stream, as they do on
slashdot and other sites ;)

No, but seriously, this would be commercialisation through and through, so
I'm not surprised there are 'knee-jerk' reactions against it from a lot of
Debian people. Another word for ads is commercials. There's a big difference
between revenue from private donations and from externally edited/managed
advertisement on your site.

There could be an ad-free default page with a tiny link through to the
ad-laden site for people who want to help Debian financially by viewing the
Google ads, although I doubt it's worth the effort, who the h**l is going to
click on it, seriously?


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