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Re: Not-for-profit doesn't mean Never-get-money (Was: Re: Google ads on debian.org)

> I just want to make it clear. Not-for-profit doesn't mean 
> Without-any-money. A non-profit organization can have 
> several ways of getting money to raise its projects.


What distinguishes Capitalism from mere Sustainability are 
the concepts of Capital Accumulation, Incessant Growth, and 
Labor Exploitation. Making money in and of itself has nothing
to do with Capitalism or "selling out," rather, it's the way
the money is distributed that distinguishes a for profit 
enterprise from a non-profit one.

As long as any money made from the ads is plied right back 
into the Debian Project, and there are clear organizational 
procedures and guidelines to insure accountability, I don't
see a problem with it.

Those who believe in freedom must disabuse themselves of the 
notion that purity requires poverty.


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