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Not-for-profit doesn't mean Never-get-money (Was: Re: Google ads on debian.org)

Em Ter, 2004-12-14 às 00:59, Stephen Frost escreveu:
> I agree w/ tbm, I don't see the issues as all that problematic.  I find
> it disappointing, but not exactly suprising, that alot of the project
> members disagree outright at the very notion.  Not very open-minded, in
> my view. :)

I agree. In some messages in this thread it was said that if Debian
starts to put google ads the Debian Organization won't be not-for-profit

I just want to make it clear. Not-for-profit doesn't mean
Without-any-money. A non-profit organization can have several ways of
getting money to raise its projects.

I think it's completely acceptable that Debian rents a space on its
webpage as a way of getting money to raise its projects, this doesn't
mean profit. Economically-speaking, profit is what some company have as
a positive result of a period. In for-profit organizations, this profit
is generally distributed among the share-holders. In a non-profit
organization, the profit is called "leftovers" (I don't know if this is
the correct word in english, in portuguese is "superavit") which is
never distributed among share-holders (which actually don't exist), but
it's reinvested into the organization.

I hope this help getting some things clear...


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