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Re: Google ads on debian.org

* John Hasler (jhasler@debian.org) wrote:
> Stephen Frost writes:
> > I wouldn't have any problem w/ Debian selling Debian CDs
> Who would do the selling?

Interesting question, I imagine it would have to be SPI on behalf of

> > Having a pay-per-bug is an interesting discussion too provided the
> > results of the bugfix are made available to all under an appropriate
> > license or whatever.
> You can have pay-per-bug right now.  I'm sure many DDs would be willing to
> take money for fixing bugs.  Paying SPI for work done for free by the DDs
> would be an entirely different thing, however.

That's an interesting point.  I guess what I was thinking was more like
"would Debian/SPI be willing to set up the mechanism to allow for
pay-per-bug".  One of the options of that, on a per-developer basis,
could be "do you want the funds to go to you, or be a donation to SPI?".


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