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Re: Google ads on debian.org

martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Martin Michlmayr - Debian Project Leader <leader@debian.org> [2004.12.13.1808 +0100]:
> > Normally, I reply to advertising requests on debian.org with
> > a polite "no".  However, given that google ads are widely
> > considered different to normal ads, and might even enhance a web
> > site, I thought I'd ask on -project to see what other people
> > think.
> What's in it for us? If it's pay-per-click... I don't think it is
> worth the real estate as visitors of debian.org probably just plain
> out ignore ads. If it's pay-per-view, then by all means... more
> money is always good.

I object.  Not by any price we have to pay (and turning www.debian.org
into a commercial page *is* a high price, which could also result in
losing some of our sponsors who provide a mirror of the pages)



Reading is a lost art nowadays.  -- Michael Weber

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