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Re: Google ads on debian.org

* Manoj Srivastava (srivasta@debian.org) wrote:
> On Mon, 13 Dec 2004 22:31:57 -0500, Stephen Frost <sfrost@snowman.net> said: 
> > Funny, but you're happy to contribute to a distribution which is
> > packaged up and sold on store shelves by for-profit organizations?
> > Which also include some advertising sometimes too I believe?
> 	I would object to Debian itself selling copies of the CD's, or
>  requiring payment for access to jigdo files or the archive, or a
>  pay-per-bug option too.

I wouldn't have any problem w/ Debian selling Debian CDs.  Having a
pay-per-bug is an interesting discussion too provided the results of the
bugfix are made available to all under an appropriate license or

> 	Wehn you bring money into the equation, then motivations
>  change. The bar for NM would go up, if there was any kind of profit
>  sharing ever.

You're the first to mention profit sharing and, indeed, that wouldn't be
possible since there can't be any profit (SPI is a not-for-profit).

> 	Not a good idea, this.

No, much of what you described wouldn't be a good idea.  Thankfully,
that's not what the rest of us are discussing.


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