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Re: Idea: debian representative @ conferences

Don Armstrong <don@donarmstrong.com> writes:

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> On Sat, 31 Jul 2004, David N. Welton wrote:
> > I had a random thought: why not institute a rule/program that only
> > past Debian leaders may speak at conferences (except for debconf)?

> What, and dissallow anyone else from Debian from speaking? That's
> rather insane, considering that quite a few people from Debian talk
> at conferences and there are only so many former DPLs to go around.

No, I didn't say disallow anyone else!  That's absurd, with 1000 odd
developers covering the whole world.

> Meeting and being visible to the community as a whole is part of the
> work of being a DPL. Our DPLs can't be as effective in working with
> people and getting the support from the community that Debian needs
> without pressing flesh and talking to people in the community
> itself.

> Plus, people who are not currently DPLs, while certainly qualified
> during their tenure, are often not as involved in the current nitty
> gritty as the current DPL.

> That being said, the DPL should obviously balance attending
> conferences with getting their job done, but they're typically the
> person best able to judge that.

That's sensible - my suggestion was just sort of an idea that popped
into my head.

OTOH, I think there is a strong incentive to go to conferences instead
of doing more intangible "leadering".  Conferences and representing
Debian are much easier, and it's also a way to raise one's visibility.
Just sort of pondering the 'disappearing leader' phenomenon, although
to his credit, Martin has been more active this time around (at least
I have seen more of him).

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