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Idea: debian representative @ conferences

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I had a random thought: why not institute a rule/program that only
past Debian leaders may speak at conferences (except for debconf)?

Daft? Maybe.  My reasoning?  It would make the current leader focus on
leading and getting things done, rather than representing, yet would
assure the person in question the possibility to travel the world and
speak for the project after their tenure.

Going to conferences is fun, and it's hard to say no to the chance to
go visit new places, often with expenses paid.  But it takes time away
from working on Debian, and is more marketing than anything else.
This idea would not take that opportunity away from our leaders, but
would focus them on what "we" want.  Or what I want at least.  And
conferences would still get a high profile individual willing and able
to speak about how cool Debian is.  It might even be an incentive to
hand over the reigns after a few years, if the cat herding weren't

Any takers, or does everyone vote for 'Daft'?:-)

Just another random thought,
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