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Re: Debian CDs organisation

Phui Hock wrote:

Why, what about some popular application that was
developed in January
2003 and which people now heavily use? Do you want
to discriminate against
it, just because it's not written after a date that
you arbitrarily
selected? I think you need to find better criteria
which are really
acceptable to everyone.

my suggestion is not perfect of course (because it
really was arbitrarily selected ;) )but what I'm
trying to say is that we should have a criteria like
that so we can classify packages according to their
function rather than popularity.

Classifiying packages according to function has
following benefits:

1. new user finds their way much easier
2. easier to maintain (we don't have to update our
popularity list)
3. fewer cd images (not all dep packages are used to
built cd images AND user with specific interest need
not download cd images that they may never need)
Well, the problem is that since Debian came with many different tools
having the same set of functionnalities, you end up having to burn a full CD
for just one or two packages in it.

For a base system, you would end up with many CD for a base system:
network system for network connectivity, plus one CD for X11, plus one
CD for TeX/Postscript functionnality, plus one CD for Gnome or KDE, and
then, you'll maybe still miss some basic tools like system monitoring, web
server, development tools, etc.

But talk give nothing.  You better to try it yourself and try to make a list
of packages with CD (I think debian-cd can be a good start for that) and see
how many Debian CD you ended up with.

Fabien <fabien@debian.org>

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