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Re: Debian CDs organisation

> Why, what about some popular application that was
> developed in January
> 2003 and which people now heavily use? Do you want
> to discriminate against
> it, just because it's not written after a date that
> you arbitrarily
> selected? I think you need to find better criteria
> which are really
> acceptable to everyone. 

my suggestion is not perfect of course (because it
really was arbitrarily selected ;) )but what I'm
trying to say is that we should have a criteria like
that so we can classify packages according to their
function rather than popularity.

Classifiying packages according to function has
following benefits:

1. new user finds their way much easier
2. easier to maintain (we don't have to update our
popularity list)
3. fewer cd images (not all dep packages are used to
built cd images AND user with specific interest need
not download cd images that they may never need)

> Well, but how will you then solve the library
> problem that somebody else
> in this discussion mentioned?

since CD 1 is compulsory, we can have libraries in CD
1 or in the same CD that packages use them.

> Well, and the criteria you suggest is too arbitrary
> in my opinion. :-)

it is not as arbitary as sorting by popularity, in my
own opinion ;)

BTW, what I'm saying is all based on my own
assumption. Please correct me if I'm wrong :)

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