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Re: Debian CDs organisation

On Friday 09 July 2004 16.30, Phui Hock wrote:

> But we can't tell user to download all cd images that
> he/she will never need it. Different users have
> different needs and popularity is just too arbitrary,
> in my own opinion.

Hmmm. I think thanks to popcon, all the information we need is alreday 
available: instead of just counting how much a package is installed, 
look for someobdy with a background in set theory and let him do a 
cluster analysis from popcon data.

I mean: different classes of users tend to have different classes of 
packages installed. So if we could statistically determine how to 
divide packages over CDs so as to cover most of these clusters with a 
few CD for each one.... (for bonus points: do the analysis while 
allowing x % of the packages to be present on multiple CD images to 
satisfy dependencies or increase the probability of somebody needing 
fewer CD images...)

Seriously: does popcon have this type of data? I guess it does or it 
could have it with only small changes.

-- vbi

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