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Re: A Distributor, AACDS

On Thursday 01 July 2004 17.19, ronald diener wrote:
> I want to register a complaint against a Debian distributor - in the
> harshest language I know. AACDS sent me a copy of Linux 2.1 with a
> shop-worn copy of the O'Reilly volume on Debian, with a few other
> scraps of miscellaneous information about Debian and Debian GNU/Linux
> - in a beat-up box that looks to be old and used. I am unable to get
> in touch with this outfit to get my money back. I will try one other
> vendor, then quit this nonsense.

Debian, the project, and SPI, the non-profit legal body behind it, do 
not distribute boxed versions of Debian GNU/Linux for themselves. The 
list of vendors is entirely for the benefit of those vendors.

So, if some vendors behave badly - and in your case, that really sounds 
quite bad, it certainly is in the interest of the Debian project to 
unlist that vendor from the Debian web pages.

A google search (aacds site:debian.org) didn't turn up anything else 
about this vendor. Do you know other people who bought Debian from this 
shop? Also: after you have contacted them, you should probably contact 
this list again and tell how they reacted.

-- vbi

(note: I do not speak in any official capacity for the Debian project)

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