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A Distributor, AACDS

I want to register a complaint against a Debian distributor - in the harshest language I know. AACDS sent me a copy of Linux 2.1 with a shop-worn copy of the O'Reilly volume on Debian, with a few other scraps of miscellaneous information about Debian and Debian GNU/Linux - in a beat-up box that looks to be old and used. I am unable to get in touch with this outfit to get my money back. I will try one other vendor, then quit this nonsense.


1116 Crestline Road, Wendell NC 27591 919 365-4756 (h) 919 333-9281 (c)
NC Supreme Court Library, Raleigh NC 27601 919 733-3425 - red@sc.state.nc.us

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