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[OT] YAQ - questionnaire about developing free software /open source

Sorry for any cross-posting!


this is an information about YAQ - Yet Annother Questionnaire. 

My name is Frauke Lehmann and I'm writing my master thesis about the
social formation of free software/open source (FS/OS) developers. YAQ is
one part of my research - besides interviews and observations.
I understand FS/OS developers as people who are writing code
(obviously), but also those that write documentation, do translations,
design GUIs, or people that take care of the project's infrastructure
(mailing lists etc.) or answer users' questions. 
It would be really nice, if you supported my survey by filling in my
questionnaire (takes 20-30 min).
I'm going to publish my thesis (once it's done) on my website. It will
be freely available in German (the orginal) and as an English
translation (after some time) and it will be allowed to distribute it
freely in digital form. I'm still looking for the proper licence, which
fits social science works and  my wishes (I wouldn't like if a book
publisher took it and published it with out my knowledge and

If you have any questions about my project, please feel free and email

Thanks for taking the time reading this mail and hopefully filling in
YAQ. Which you will find at http://userpage.fu-berlin.de/~egal/

Frauke Lehmann

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