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Re: just wondering

"shannon simms" <scst@nf.sympatico.ca> writes:

> hi i have been trying to get another os for months now.. I would like to use somehing besides
> windows...I have neve seen any other though. what is linux like. I have tryed to install every one
> that is out there for free and have failed.. don't know enough about it i guess. i did buy a red
> hat and it would not install either ...is there a place to get a system that will install  it self
> .. and does it work the same as windows I mean will it operate all of my hardware like scanners
> cameras stuff that we use all the time..word processers.. thanks for your time s simms

I suggest attending a local Linux User Group (LUG) meeting.  There you
can meet people who can tell you more about Linux and help you get it
installed on your machine.

Also, you can try Knoppix for a Linux distribution that does not need to
be installed--it runs directly off the CD-ROM and is great for someone
like you who wants to give Linux a try.

You win again, gravity!

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