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Re: just wondering

Hello Shannon, 

Here you are not on the right list...

Am 2004-06-11 03:19:45, schrieb shannon simms:
>hi i have been trying to get another os for months now.. I would like to use
>somehing besides windows...I have neve seen any other though. what is linux
>like. I have tryed to install every one that is out there for free and have
>failed.. don't know enough about it i guess. i did buy a red hat and it would

This is a Mailinglist for the Debian Distribution and not RedHat

However, you can go to the Website <http://www.debian.org/> and 
download the first CD-Image from release 3.0 called WOODY. 

I asume, you are using newer Hardware so if you boot with the CD, 
type at the prompt "bf24" to get the newer Kernel installed.

Paralel you will find on teh Website of Debian the Installation 
guide which is higly recommendes before you install Debian GNU/Linux
onto your Computer.

>not install either ...is there a place to get a system that will install  it
>self .. and does it work the same as windows I mean will it operate all of my
>hardware like scanners cameras stuff that we use all the time..word
>processers.. thanks for your time s simms

In general 95% of the Hardware will work with Linux, for the last 
5% you must ask the manufactur to provide Linux-Drivers ore the 
Specification for it. 

if you have more questions, please subscribe to a "USER" mailinglist


Here you will find many friendly people which can help you to get 
Linux running on your Computer.

Greetings from Strasbourg

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