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Re: Kill the DPL! (Elections are almost over)

On Wed, Apr 07, 2004 at 01:15:02AM -0600, ean@brainfood.com wrote:
> As my newest and most recent flame troll I present the following proposal:
> The Debian Project Leader should be changed from an elected position to a 
> yearly award for the most helpfully active Debianer. At the end of the year 
> we will conduct an online vote and give recognition to the one Debianer who 
> did the most for the project that year.
> This would promote competition and do away with the silly notion that we all 
> have to follow one Debianer around in our spare time. Everyone knows that the 
> _real_ DPL is policy. Policy is always in charge. Rule by Law, etc. et al
> The experiment is about distributed control, right? That's the idea with the 
> Internet isn't it? Why do we need a leader?
> I challenge the next DPL to implement my plan.
> Who's with me?

Ean...... You're 6 days late...  :)

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