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Kill the DPL! (Elections are almost over)

As my newest and most recent flame troll I present the following proposal:

The Debian Project Leader should be changed from an elected position to a 
yearly award for the most helpfully active Debianer. At the end of the year 
we will conduct an online vote and give recognition to the one Debianer who 
did the most for the project that year.

This would promote competition and do away with the silly notion that we all 
have to follow one Debianer around in our spare time. Everyone knows that the 
_real_ DPL is policy. Policy is always in charge. Rule by Law, etc. et al

The experiment is about distributed control, right? That's the idea with the 
Internet isn't it? Why do we need a leader?

I challenge the next DPL to implement my plan.

Who's with me?

Ean Schuessler, Sinister President of SPI
Software in the Public Interest, Inc.
A Debian Brand Cabal

*This mail contains at least 60% comedy

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