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Re: [OT] Re: A freak (but not so freak) idea: User space apt-get install

> Neither of those two documents say that we will keep all postings on
> the archives, or that we will remove them, they just say that we will
> if we want to.


   All emails sent to the lists are distributed both to the list
   subscribers and copied to the public archive, for people to browse or
   search without the need to be subscribed.


   Obviously the author still owns the copyright to the content of these
   emails that they have written. However, that does not mean that the
   Debian Project is under obligation to remove them from a list archive
   once published. Several legal counsels have reviewed this stance and
   confirmed it is correct. 

seem to address your doubts...

> And in the case of a third party forwarding a message without
> permission, this bit doesn't even apply:
> >   By sending an email to such a public forum, you agree to public
> >   distribution of your article. All mails sent to any of our mailing
> >   lists (and to the bug tracking system) will be publically distributed
> >   and archived in our mailing list archives.
> And what happens if I find your home address, and telephone number or
> other address you don't want published, and I stick it on a debian
> list? Should it stay there?

I would still apply the second paragraph I just re-quoted - We are not
under obligation to remove it. Now, if someone posted a list of valid
WinXP license numbers to our lists, the listmasters would probably
delete it. And if someone defamates you, publishes your personal
information or something similar, you can _ask_ the listmasters to
remove that from the archive. Of course, they will apply their
personal criteria in order to do so, and they will not be able to
remove it from external archiving sites.

I don't think we need to document things that happen on a per-case


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