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Re: debian is too big

In article <[🔎] 000501c4056b$141ab270$0a5ea8c0@LEELOO>,
Philippe Strauss <philippe.strauss@practeo.ch> wrote:
>More seriously, my point is:
>Is there any hope to one day, to adapt debian to the number of packages
>it bears and split release cycles between a core of 300-500 packages
>and having the rest of packages evolving at their own pace, following
>the core?
>syncing so much package around "release" schedule is becoming
>unrealistic. I'm waiting testing to become stable for so long.

That would be a godsend. It would work, too. It's happening already:
a lot of people run woody as "the stable core" and backports.org
as "the rest", so the idea certainly has merit.


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