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Re: Just a single Question for the Candidates

> I don't think she's flaky or mentally unstable.  I think she
> approached a concrete group of people by assuming they would fit a
> stereotype she had in mind, and that's a bad thing to do.

Please.  Her comments are centred around two premises:

1) That debian contains bullying or aggressive elements.  She is *not*
inventing this, she did *not* come into the discussion with this as a
stereotype that she's trying to fit debian into.  It's quite clearly

2) That women in general are less suited to such environments than men.
This claim is not specific to debian, and so there is a wide body of
data to draw on.  This has certainly been studied formally in the
context of high school education.  Moreover, this is something she has
had a chance to observe personally in wider contexts - AIUI she has an
undergraduate degree in engineering and a PhD in physics, both
male-dominated areas.

She's not pulling any of this out of the air.


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