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Re: Just a single Question for the Candidates

David Nusinow wrote:
> Well, given that the number of actual Debian Developers who hang around
> in there regularly is two (Laurence Lane/ljlane and David Harris/ElectricElf) and neither is in
> there that frequently these days in my experience. joshk is there from
> time to time, but I feel like I'm the only one with a package in the
> archive who's actually present frequently and for long periods of time.
> Basically there is no help from those officially involved in the
> project, which is unfortunate in my opinion.
> Instead what has happened is that bitter users have largely taken over
> the channel, mwilson being the most notable of those, and they tend to
> piss off more new users than they help. There are very notable
> exceptions to this (Rob Weir/bob2, Peter Samuelson/peterS, Don
> Armstrong/dondelelcaro, Simon Raven/simonrvn) but they are often drowned
> out by the angry users.
> I think that having #debian as an official resource should not go away.
> There is no better way to find out what users on the frontline are
> having troubles with. The problem is a lack of involvement from people in
> the project who are well connected to what's going on. I've thought
> about creating a "#debian strike force" for a while now (we almost have
> one in a way) but I haven't figured out a good way to do it. If anyone
> is interested in setting this up, I think it'd be worthwhile. #debian
> should still remain a part of the project.

I used to hang out in #debian (oh, 7 or 8 years ago), and I would still
like to hang out with some users and help with certian specific issues
on irc, but the volume of the current channel is often overwhelming to
me, I just can't keep up with the flood, and 90% of it is chatter and/or
questons I don't want to bother with. (The same is often true of one of
the #debian-devel's too, FWIW.) You just can't get 660 people in an irc
channel and have it be generally usable, IMHO.

Anyway, something we've done for d-i is tried to redirect users who are
having installation problems specifically with d-i to #debian-boot,
which is much lower volume, and full of people (though often absent
hacking/sleeping) who are knowledgeable about the problems. I wonder if
#debian could be split up in more ways, and become more of a redirector
channel, possibly even not open to general discussion. There could be a
#debian-talk for that.

I feel that there is often not enough interaction between our developers
and our users. debian-user has several active developers on it, but a
very small fraction of the project as a whole, and irc is worse.

see shy jo

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